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Music radio is simply a radio format where music is the major broadcast content. When traditional television replaced the dramatic content of old time radio internet, music formats quickly became dominant in several countries. Comedy and radio drama are still popular, often on local public radio. With the growth and expansion of online music stations, music radio has had to change with the times as well. The growth and expansion of music radio on the Internet has been very rapid and has become extremely popular in several countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany.

With this growth there has been an increase in the demand for music radio and the creation of music radio stations to cater to these listeners. As mentioned earlier, the demand is rising and music radio programs on traditional public radio stations are struggling to survive. With this in mind, some of these music radio stations have resorted to promoting their own music through advertisements on commercial time slots, on the air, during commercials or as inserts into programs. In some cases this is an illegal activity and can lead to legal action being taken against the station by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). The problem is that there is no clear regulation of music radio advertising and promotion and the guidelines from the FCC are not always followed.

While the Internet provides an easy way to promote music radio and advertise to the audience, most radio station promotions are done live on the air. For this reason, many radio jockeys have begun to work independently from their home as well as freelance as employees for larger music radio stations. Many of these independent artists and professional disc jockeys have started their own promotions companies in order to make a profit from this growing industry. This new independent promotion industry is helping artists to create their own fan base as well as providing jobs for those who would otherwise be unable to pursue their career due to lack of means.

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