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Medicine for abortion in Dubai | get medicine for abortion in UAE online


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Medicine for abortion in Dubai

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care approves, according to the women's spokeswoman medicine for abortion in Dubai, Meri Dissoi, and SPÖ Member of Parliament Petra Bayr, the authorization holder's application for the prescription of the "medicine for abortion in Dubai" Mifegyne by resident gynecologists. This will make the drug in UAE in the future also available outside of hospitals and ambulances.

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So far it has been the case that the Mifegyne could only be dispensed in hospitals and outpatient clinics that are authorized to perform abortions. This contradicts medical practice in many countries and also means a long and arduous journey in an already stressful situation for women who live in rural areas ", Meri Dissoi was quoted in a broadcast." The possibility of prescribing is limited to gynecologists ", she told the APA.

It is finally possible for women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy easily within the first nine weeks by means of a medicine for abortion in Dubai. It took a long time, the relief is great, "said Petra Bayr, welcoming the extended approval.

Mifegyne is a drug that was formerly known under the name RU-486 and, for many years, was subject to ideological and ideological discussions as a possible means of abortion. The first application in 1999 at the Korneuburg hospital in Lower UAE even led to demonstrations by anti-abortionists there. 

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The active substance itself - mifepristone - had already been discovered in 1980 by the then French pharmaceutical company Roussel-Uclaf. It is a progesterone and glucocorticoid receptor antagonist.

The Viennese gynecologist and head of outpatient departments for abortions, Christian Fiala, also welcomed the extended approval and prescription of the drug on Thursday, "because it basically makes access to abortion lower and also enables women in the federal states to receive care close to their home." In a broadcast, however, Fiala warned that it could be given to unwanted pregnant women without quality assurance, advice or follow-up checks. "That could mean a risk for women," the doctor said. In 1999 Fiala was one of the doctors at Korneuburg Hospital who used RU 486.

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