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Tips for Using Cashback Finder Websites


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Getting cashback online free is a fantastic incentive for shopping on the web. These sites often leave people surprised that they are able to shop and spend money while receiving cash back. Cashback finder sites have been around since the 90s, but they still sort of have this elusive hidden gem quality about them. Especially in the current economic climate, saving money while shopping online is extremely useful. But how do you determine which cashback finder sites are good, and which ones should be avoided?

Being aware of common issues as well as knowing the pros and cons of these websites is crucial before you commit to one site. Start your journey by researching the biggest and best sites online, then you can compare and contrast them according to your personal needs. Cashback sites work by allowing people to shop online as usual through their portal.They earn a percentage of the commission that was made from the purchase and you get a percentage back as well.

Avoid sites with a join fee

Join fees are often the biggest indicator of a dodgy site. There is no reason why you would be paying to shop - even the biggest cashback sites do not charge you a fee to use their service.

Keep an eye on your cookies

Cookies refer to the data trail that helps identify your computer when you use a specific network. In order to get cashback online freeyou need to be conscious with your shopping. A common problem can occur when a user accesses an online store through the cashback site while simultaneously visiting other sites, causing the cookie tracking to be interrupted. It’s best to browse one site at a time through the cashback portal to ensure you are buying from the site that offers cashback.

Know out how long it will take to get paid

Each cashback site has a different policy when it comes to members getting their cash. On average, it can take up to 90 days after certain terms are met such as requiring an accumulated threshold in order to request a payout. Waiting periods andconditions are actually put in place for members’ safety, as this allows the site to make sure sales are verified, payment is confirmed, and purchases are made by actual customers.

Pros of cashback finders

  • Find deals and available offers
  • Access to thousands of retailers through just one cashback site
  • Require little personal information
  • Bonuses and referrals
  • Save you money
  • Most sites are free and you get 100% of the cash awarded

Cons of cashback finders


  • Limited to one account per household
  • Balance isn’t paid out very often
  • Maximum rebates and cashback on specific items only
  • The cashback deals are not always the best deals available - other coupons or deals might offer better savings
  • Minimal customer service
  • May have hidden fees


When selecting a cashback finder website, consider the above pros and cons and decide which site has the maximum benefit for your online shopping habits.

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