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Top 5 Perfume Brands with Outstanding Packaging


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Most of the branded perfumes companies usually offer their products in custom printed boxes in order to differentiate their products from the rest. The use of custom boxes for perfume packaging is one of the most creative ideas of getting maximum customers’ response. The big companies that are manufacturing perfumes usually try to deliver their perfumes in best packaging as quality boxes play a major role in increasing the brand’s sale. Brands like Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, Thierry Mugler’s Angel, Viktor & Rolf’s Bon Bon perfume boxes with their dainty packaging catch the eye of the customers in a way that stands out in the competitive department stores. Gifting a perfume is a representation of one’s aesthetic taste. It is one of the gifts which are useful and each time it is used, it refreshes the memory of the person who gifted it. If you're looking for the best perfumes online then Ormonde Jayne Perfumes can be a good option to choose from.

Top 5 brands standing out of the crowd

Following are some of the famous trending brands which are setting flames in the marketing industry with their enticing packing styles that the customers can’t resist from checking out.

  1. Alexander McQueen: Perfume for Her

This perfume is a unique blend of three desired fragrances out in one, jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang. The custom printed perfume packaging of this brand is an epic depiction of the scents entrapped inside the bottle. The bottle is truly a work of art, where the cap serves as a crown on the delicate body of the perfume. It serves as a perfect gift for women who acquire a punk personality and yet have a thing for flowers.

  1. Arpège Éclat d’Arpège Lanvin Perfume for Her

As cliché and classic the generation is, so is the perfume packaging. This perfume contains amazing packaging. The packaging is classic cool blue in color inscribed with a golden label. The label contains the specifications of the perfume. The perfume bottle is transparent with a snakeskin printed cap which adds an aura of power to the bottle and the packaging on a whole. If you get invited to a teenagers birthday bash, this is probably your best gift option.

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette Spray for Him

This is the designing of a renowned French designer, and the perfume has been a perfect strike since the past few years and still proves to be. The custom printed perfume packaging boxes adds an extra perk to this. The packaging looks both trendy as well as historic. It basically looks like a can which gives it an attractive look for the male customers especially who perceive it as rough and tough. The packaging is a cylinder with the brand’s name chiseled on it. It is an outstanding blend of masculinity and genteelness which is like the perfume, which lies inside the bottle.  However, the bottle doesn’t look to pomp. It is shaped to suit all classes of men from white to blue collars. It can be presented to any category of men, as a gift for a lad who has recently graduated from college. It can even be gifted to office going men due to its classic fragrance.

  1. Valentino: Valentina Pink Eau De Perfume for Her

The scent and perfume packaging complement each other. The rosy box and bottle speak volumes of feminism, sensuality, and essence of romance. The brand conveys the message of punk pink romance and power. The box illustrates a sharp edgy font printed on the box in white and gives all the details about the fragrance. It can serve as a gift for a bride or a newlywed friend of yours. It can prove to be one of the most ideal presents for a feminist.

  1. Creed Aventus Eau De Perfume for Men

The packaging of this perfume is both fantastic and a piece of artistry. The packaging of this perfume contains leather like a background in black with the specifications of the perfume embossed in silver. The Aventus logo is a man riding a horse with a sword further giving a message of power.  The brand is a creed mat silver which feels like a luxury to touch. Just holding the box gives an essence of elegance and class. The bottle is transparent with blacks covering a few portions of the bottle. The fragrance is everlasting and strong. The fragrance is a gift for the men who stand a class apart. Custom printed perfume packaging has overtaken the marketing industry. If you want your sales to reach heights switch to innovation in perfume packaging.

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All Perfumes smell are good but what attract the most to the buyers is their Packaging. Normally when we go for a shopping Shopkeeper don't allow us to check the smell of perfumes. So we judge the smell of perfume through their packaging that's why perfumes brands try to make unique perfume bottle to force the buyer to choose their product First. Here the list of branded Perfumes which has not just a best smell but also has the unique and attractive packaging.

1. Guy Laroche Perfume 

2. Perry Ellis Perfume

3. Acqua Di Parma Perfume

4. Clinique Perfume 

5. John Ashwood Perfume