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Top 5 Owner's Guide to Celebrate Employees Work Anniversary!


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Employee’s work anniversary is an opportunity helps to strengthen the bond with employee. They have completed milestones or just one year there efforts should be appreciated with nice gestures like send cakes online. We don’t say that you need to have blasting party, but a small gratitude gift or small thank you gesture will help to build the emotional connection between employee and company. Here we will give you some hints of how to celebrate the co-worker’s work anniversary to know their significance in the company.

Tell the public about anniversary

Employee has completed certain golden or silver years in company. You can promote their efforts and their role in Upbringing Company’s level by telling it in public. Subconsciously you can write this on the company’s website page, website banner or declare it in website media news page. You can smartly express your gratitude by sharing work anniversary in social media. Make some photo albums and write description of their role in company. Finally if you have no time to do all things, just hand shake with employee and greet him/her in public.

Anniversary Desk Explosion

Office desk is the most important part of life. Employees work since so many years, take good decision sitting on this desk. So work anniversary must be celebrated with decorating desk. Surprise the co-worker by decorating the office desk with balloons on chair, streamers on monitors, and rose’s bouquet on the desk. he or she will definitely gets shocking treatment, never expected in life before.

Give a Voucher

They are working for long hours so they do not get the time to sit back and relax. This work anniversary give them a voucher of Group on or Living Social that provides the good vouchers of relaxing. They can experience skiing, rock climbing, surfing lesson and even more to help them relax for some time. The second option is give them a day off or give some time to relax and enjoy family time. You can arrange some trips or pay for family tour package to enjoy the vacation time with family.

Reward Good Efforts With Gifts

gifts are certainly play a major role for rewarding their support for company. You will find tones of personalized business gifts enables to show appreciation and thankfulness. you need not to go elsewhere, order gifts for online delivery is the best shop to help you  buy the gift of choice. Initials on the gift will help to show their value in company and feel special once in a year.

Throw A Party For Appreciation

Party is a great way to give honor and reward. Arrange a surprise party at your company banquet hall. If you wish to set it up on outdoor locations, choose good outdoor hilly locations so all employees get the relaxing time to celebrate. Arrange a cake cutting ceremony, have some wines to toast the celebration. You have given a strong reason for the employee to give his/her full attention to increase the company’s ratio to next level.

There are so many things you can do, we have selected and short listed the best things. It was not given so important in the previous times, but now it has become a compulsory trend. Good employees are the heart of company and without their support company doesn’t reach to certain level. A work anniversary celebration is a chance to let them know their value in company. Also it improvises certain type of emotion and connection that encourages them to work for company for long life.