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The importance of bubblers for all high-activity locations


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Bubblers can be expected in schools, offices, hotel lobbies, and even factory floors making them so popular. Different locations will prefer different types of bubblers, such as schools or sports fields and the constant need for a quick drink or a water bottle refill is exactly what the bubbler is designed for. 

Bubblers are the perfect water dispensing system for high-activity areas or where large groups of people congregate such as factory floors, school playgrounds, hotel lobbies, and sports stadiums without requiring the need for bottles or cups making them very convenient for everyday use.  Bubblers are also the ideal water dispenser for use in locations where a highly durable water dispenser is required for both indoor and outdoor daily use.

Bubblers are uniquely developed to be highly long-lasting for considerable day-to-day heavy use and have the capacity to supply voluminous amounts of water in considerably busy locations. Being connected to a water utility main to assure water supply, bubblers are capable of providing large drinking water volumes to extensive packs of individuals and are generally used for high-activity locations that are anticipated to regularly experience significant rates of water consumption. The types of bubblers that are generally available for precise uses are:

  • The freestanding bubbler, and
  • The wall-mounted bubbler.

Why drinking water from a bubbler is regarded as safer than drinking water directly from the tap.

Bubblers are a safer and more beneficial option compared to drinking water directly from the tap and are now commonly considered as an important appliance for all domestic and commercial use. Bubblers are now widely adopted by various institutions and commercial establishments alike to ensure the safety and health of people that use them. Since common tap water can be exposed to dirt, bacteria, or poisons, drinking water allocated by a bubbler virtually eliminates the possibility of being exposed to diseases due to consuming unfiltered and conceivably highly tainted tap water. Sanitary, secure, and clean water will always be a top consideration for everyone.

The common features of bubblers.

Bubblers are perfect for all indoor, outdoor settings, and high activity locations where large gatherings of people can be expected such as in school playgrounds and university parks, public spaces, health and sports gyms, medical facilities, and other locations where a large number of people are expected to require water for their activities.

Bubblers come typically provided with:

  • Easily cleaned, highly sanitary, anti-bacterial water nozzles.
  • Bubblers are manufactured from durable polymer, brass, or stainless steel with stainless steel being the most common.
  • Bubblers come standard with stainless steel mouth guards that are easily cleaned and highly durable to prevent unintentional oral contact with the water nozzle thereby preventing any possible contamination from infectious diseases.
  • Most bubblers are also equipped with optional foot pedals that make operating them effectively hands-free thus reducing the chances of bacterial and viral contact with possibly contaminated bubbler control surfaces.

Benefits of using bubblers.

Bubblers save money while also having a positive impact on the environment by requiring no paper or plastic cups to drink water from.  The benefits from having a bubbler on any location are:

  • People have ready access to clean, cool water on hand anytime they want to. Bubblers can be particularly advantageous where large gatherings of people are expected and need to be properly provided with clean drinkable water.
  • Bubblers are easy to use. With easily identifiable dispensing buttons or foot pedals making easier to operate even by young children.
  • Bubblers are safe for children and the elderly. They are designed with a smooth and flowing profile to prevent snagging and avoid sharp corners with some bubblers able to be optionally equipped with handholds for young children or the elderly to use.
  • Bubblers are easily maintained. Made from highly durable materials that can be easily cleaned, and with filters that can be easily replaced during routine cleaning or maintenance, bubblers are the most cost-effective choice for providing clean, drinkable water in all locations.

Bubblers are good for the environment.

Bubblers avoid the damaging effects to nature to the wastage and possible litter caused by too many paper and plastic water cups including empty plastic water bottles. Bubblers reduce the amount of rubbish in trash bins and landfills that cause environmental degradation. By being connected to a main water utility line, bubblers help control the effects of too much paper and plastic wastage on the environment.

Bubblers also help reduce fossil fuel consumption by transporting water bottles for delivery including hauling empty bottles to and from the landfills. Thousands of dumper trucks run on roads daily and part of the waste they carry is drinking water bottles. Bubblers help reduce fossil fuel extraction to fuel delivery and refuse trucks, including plastic bottle factories, thus contributing to more enhanced environmental conservation and cost-savings for the long-term.

Bubblers are also considered part of the modern-day green and environmentally-responsible living and are now a commonly seen part of every property where large groups of people are expected.Due to their hard-wearing design and by being made from impact-resistant materials bubblers are perfect for extensive use in either indoor and outdoor locations or specific areas generally exposed to busy or harsher conditions but require a ready supply of clean water at all times.

The specific design of water bubblers ensures their extended life establishing them as the ideal solution for intensive routine use and effectively supplying a home or other high activity area with limitless cool and crystal clear filtered sparkling water to keep people significantly hydrated, healthy, and active.

Bubblers properly represent an extremely secure and practical approach to satisfactorily provide pristine water in all high activity areas. All the various types of available bubblers typically make it effortless for homes and local establishments to satisfactorily provide clean drinking water to substantial numbers of people. With the extensive availability of bubblers in the local market with various dispensing volumes and specific types, there is no apparent rationale to naturally lack sufficient amounts of sparkling clear and hygienic water for routine use.

Bubblers properly represent an extremely secure and practical method to adequately provide clean water in all high activity environments. Bubblers are ideal to emplace in working environs, in public places, or school grounds.