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A choice of designer wall clocks according to the age of a child


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Designer Wall Clocks

A prior, there are three main types of designer wall clocks that must be chosen according to the age of a child: the digital designer wall clocks, the needle designer wall clocks and the educational designer wall clocks.

An educational awakening for the little ones

Suitable for children under 6, the educational designer wall clocks is especially suitable for the little ones. He learns the course of the waking and sleeping phases during the day. This type of awakening accentuates their brain development, memory, immune defenses and learning abilities.

Its mechanism is generally based on the use of light, lullaby or other signals to mark time. Growing up, the child will still be able to see the time somewhere in its dial.

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A digital designer wall clocks for children over 6 years old

A child who is already over 6 years old begins to understand how a clock works and to tell the time. Only, to help him in his reading, it is better to prioritize the purchase of a digital designer wall clocks for children. This kind of children's clockwork features an easy-to-read digital display.

A needle designer wall clocks for older children

Older children will no longer have a hard time waking up to glance at the hands of a clock. You can choose a needle nursery designer wall clocks in this case.

A choice of designer wall clocks according to the ringtone

In a sense where the quality of a child's awakening depends on the ringtone, it is necessary to prioritize the models that offer the best sound choices. In addition, the latest models of nursery designer wall clocks incorporate more lullabies and more entertaining melodies into song.

The models dedicated to the older ones offer sounds in radio alarm by chaining music that will awaken all his senses.

A choice of designer wall clocks according to the sex of the child

Like most accessories and equipment that accompany babies in their sleep, it is important to choose the clock for children according to their gender.

A little boy appreciates more a model taking the form of his favorite toys: Superman, Star Wars, Cars, and all kinds of figurines… A little girl on her side will be delighted to be woken up by a designer wall clocks for a child in a unicorn, a cute rabbit, as a Disney princess.