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6 Ways to Tie a Scarf


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No matter what kind of apparel we choose to wear, still pairing it with the right kind of accessories is a prerequisite to look stylish and unique. When it comes to picking the right kind of accessory to pair with the apparels, scarves are the most popular wardrobe essential and fun accessory that can add charm to your personality, whether you are wearing any jeans and tees or a stylish gown, it will go well with all kind of outfits. Additionally, you can wear your favorite scarf in various different ways; with every different dress you can tie a scarf in some other style making you more dynamic and appealing.

Beneath are the six different ways of wearing a scarf that are very easy and simple and you can create a variety of looks depending on the way you are wearing the scarf.

Wrap around your neck

This is very popular form of wearing a scarf, just let the center of the scarf comes in front of your neck and brings the ends back to cross at the nape and then forward again. This way you can highlight the front side of the scarf which might have attractive prints on it. This is the easiest and time saving way of wearing a scarf, just a simple drape around your neck in a way that the shorter end goes at the back; however, if your scarf is extra-long, just wrap it once more around your neck before the other end behind your shoulder. This way you can even make your dull outfit brighter and colorful, along with surviving in the freezing cold winter.

Make it a statement necklace

If you don’t like wearing those heavy necklaces and jewelry, then you can choose to wear your scarf like a necklace in a more colorful way and can still carry your fashionable look the way you want. Just make a small rope of any particular long scarf, then center the scarf high in front of your neck right below your chin and then bring both the ends closer to cross at the nape and then move again. At the end, tie both the ends and make a soft knot of it. You can use the same creativity with all your scarves in various shapes and sizes; for instance, you can fold the square scarf in half to form a triangle and can then roll it to form a narrow shape.

Loop style

This is one of the easiest ways of carrying a scarf and majority of people wear scarf this way only, this way of wearing a scarf not only makes your more appealing but also keeps you warm and cozy during winter season. You just have to fold the scarf in half and wrap it around your neck and make a loop at the closed end. After that, pull the other side of the scarf through the loop and position in around your neck to have a more glamorous look. This is the simple way of wearing a scarf that will give you a fuss-free look and will keep your scarf at its place for the entire day.

More knots style

This is very similar to the standard style of wearing a scarf but you have to be more creative in making it more stylish and creative, first of all fold the scarf in half and wrap it around your neck making a loop at the closed end. Now pull the other end of your scarf through the loop and then twist it again and repeat the same process again by pulling the scarf through the loop. Now tighten up your scarf and let everyone turn their eyes on you. Many people choose to wear scarf as a fashion statement which is in the line with the latest trends.

Make a round style

The is a casual scarf knot and people prefer this form of styling more in winters to protect themselves from the cold chilling winds. Simply start with one end in the front keeping it close to your neck and start wrapping the long end around your neck until it is short, which might be done in 2-3 wraps, depending upon the length of your scarf. You don’t need to spend huge chunks in getting the perfect look; you can get the best scarves for yourself at this website, use asos promo code to grab your favorite scarf that will make you more eye-catching. After you are done with wrapping the scarf around your neck, tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and you are ready to enjoy winter season in a warmer and cozy way.

Formal style

This style of wearing a scarf is mostly preferred with formal wear when you want to add an element of style into your personality. Either you can simply drape the scarf on your shoulder, above your formal coat, or can choose to tuck it inside your buttoned jacket/blazer. Simply draping the scarf works well with suits or with some sweaters that have V-shaped front. Mostly the lawyers and business person prefer choose this way of wearing a scarf to maintain their formal look. Before opting for this style, make sure that the length of your scarf is not more than the coat’s length if choosing to wear it above the coat otherwise it would be a complete fashion disaster. Also, while wearing a topcoat, either tuck the scarf inside or try some other design of wearing a scarf.

These are some of the easiest and coolest way of wearing a scarf which you can easily try at your home, tying a scarf around your neck can enhance the beauty of your outfit in a more polished way and can keep your warm in the cold day. Choose some bright and colorful prints that can go well with your entire dresses, no matter what style you choose to wear, just make sure that it looks fantabulous on you and matches your personality. You can explore a wide range of scarves in different fabric and colors at ASOS, use asos promo code to buy the most stylish scarves and make your winters warmer and cozy.