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6 Romantic Ideas to Celebrate First Meeting Anniversary


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The first time the couple met is a very important day as it is the day when you guys met for the first time and tried to know each other. This the first day of your love story and thus it is equally important to celebrate this day like you celebrate marriage and engagement anniversary. You not necessarily go too big on this day but you can plan ways to be together on this day and cherish your past times. Thus here we are with 7 Romantic Ideas to celebrate first meeting anniversary.

Honeymoon Memories

You can plan for a weekend getaway to your favorite destination or to the same place you first visited for honeymoon and recreate the honeymoon times. Like this you will realize how time flies and you are already in the next chapter of your life. You will also realize how far you have come in this relationship and how your love has grown like all these years. Thus vacationing to your honeymoon place is a wonderful way to celebrate your first meeting anniversary and getting closer.

52 Reasons why you Love him/her

In any relationship it is very important to show your love to your partner, it could be done in any way like confessing it, doing sweet gestures and making efforts to take your relationship forward. One such way is telling your partner why it is all about them and how much you love them. You can make a jar of notes telling them how much you love them. For example I love you because you are kind; I love you because you are pretty and other such confessions. One chit has to be read every week and this way they will have in all 52 chits for the whole year.

Back to the Place Where it all Started

You can recreate the first date, the day you met. Go to that place order the same thing if you remember and try to start it in a different way. The place will have so many things changed and so will your relationship. They say go back to your roots so the place you met first holds very sweet memories and remains the most important place of your life because this is the place where you found love. Send romantic flowers online to your partner on special days and surprise them

Get a Set of Couple Tattoos

Tattoos are a good idea because they are as permanent as your relationship. You can get couple tattoo something that is so dear to you like each other’s initials or something from a trip you have fond memories of. This first meeting anniversary is the perfect time to get matching couple tattoos and taking your relationship to the next level. You can flaunt these tattoos to your loved ones, friends, family and relative as couple goals. Make anniversary gift delivery to your loved one if you are unfortunately away on this special day.             

A Treasure Hunt in Footsteps of Story

This can be a wonderful way to reminisce how it all started. First of all you need to buy a beautiful gift for your partner and then make clues for them to reach this gift. You can place several clues in the car, kitchen, and bedroom, bathroom in the way you guys met and cherish those golden moments of life. You can also go big and make them visit the park you used to meet, or the cafe where you went for the cafe, for a movie and finally reuniting at a hotel treating them with a Valentine’s Dinner and a lovely gift.


Write your love story in your own words pen it down and send it as a love letter to your partner. Or narrate it in front of them in your voice and have this romantic first meeting date. You can say about everything you wonderful and lovely experiences, your romantic trips to different places in past one year. Also what hobbies and interests brought you closer. This is like your whole one year story as a monologue. Doing this you will realize your life and love story is no less than a romantic movie. These beautiful memories will give to find more love in each other.

We hope these first meeting celebration ideas gives you many beautiful and romantic moments and times to cherish for lifetime.