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Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before Congress this week on a range of topics, from data privacy to Google's controversial plans to build a censored search engine for China.

Sundar Pichai also had an explanatory about project dragonfly which is the development of search engine for china.Google had entered into china on 2006 and google had forced to shutdown the google search engine in 2010.Then after eight years google is in the process of developing a search engine for china.

As there is a gradual increase in the internet users after google had been shutdown from china.What is the reason why google had been forced to shutdown the search engine?

As china is a communism country the people of china had no rights to debate about the serious issues which have happened in their country For eg People of china have no rights to talk about human rights..etc.As google search engine provides all the information which breaks the laws of government so they decided to shutdown google from their country.

The request of chinese government was to introduce censorship and surveillance features to the search engine.Project dragonfly have been in the development for android and ios.

How google works?Google works in the concept of distributed computing which is the complete information will be stored in all the servers in the world.So this reduces information loss or less prone to hacking.

This is the major issue which have been pointed by china as their data will be transparent to other countries so china's information should be within china only.

So google accepted their request and developing a search engine for china which is exclusively used only in china and their information are stored only in their country's server's.

There is about 100 employee in google working in this project and this project dragonfly will be completed as soon as possible and will be handed over to china.

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