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Internet se paise kaise kamaye?


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Internet se paise kaise kamaye, Kulfiy kya mujhe bateyenge ki kon se best methods se Internet se paise kaise kamaye jate hai.

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There are quite a few ways from where you can earn on internet. you can start blogging, YouTube Channels, you could be the affiliate for any products or services, or you could be reseller. but the thing which is required is you should be clear on what kind of niche you want to work on, and how you want to present it to your viewers.


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Thanks for your reply 🙂


Over the past few years, blogs have risen from an almost unknown “computer geek” secret to the “it” thing on the internet. It seems that almost everyone, from celebrities to your local junior high students has a blog.

While it is very common to find blogs as personal diaries, people that own service-based businesses can definitely profit from having a blog. First and foremost, a business blog helps to build your web presence. In today’s society, having a strong web presence is a key factor in your business success.


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Right Way to Earn Money Online

You can use any method to earn online, but you should know about the correct information about that method and the correct way of working so that you can make any money you choose from any method. Only then, when you understand that method very well and start working hard in your work.

Smart Way to Earn: There are two ways to do any work: Hard Work and Second Smart Work in which to earn online Earning, you have to follow both methods so that you can earn more earnings in less time.

How to Earn Money Online Latest Tips 2018

01: Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the second largest medium after Adsense, where millions of people do their online earnings.

To do this, you can join a Popular Company like Hostgator, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Affiliate Program by selling them by promoting their product from your Sources, which gives Company Per Sell some Commission. This commission is 5% Up to 10%.

Now to talk Promotion, you have different options for promoting Affiliate Products like Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Different Social Media Accounts, Email Marketing etc. Where you can easily promote any product.

02: Facebook Creator App
Facebook has recently launched the Facebook Creator App on which you can upload your videos by creating an account and earning your online earnings by monetizing those videos.


With this, there are some other works on Facebook that you can earn online.

Such as Page Selling, Page Promotion, Group Membership, Affiliate Marketing, Promote Other Bloggers Content on your Page etc.

03: YouTube
YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine today, where you can upload your videos according to your interest, upload your videos on YouTube and earn their online earnings Continue 


Thanks for your reply 🙂


There are many ways to earn money online.

As we have various websites that working on it they will pay us money and we have android app also that pay us money.

But the most benifit online earning money is blogging. Create website and post article and google ads give you money


Thanks for your reply 🙂


Affiliate marketing is one way to earn money, you need a website( blogger website) for that.

you can also monetize it with google adsense. but you have to show consistency in posting and have to be patient.

You can check the Technology Updates blogger website for reference.


Thanks for your reply 🙂


Internet Se paise  kamane ka bahut sare  tarike hai. Jaise  ki aap blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, sponsored content provide karke, freelancer , sell eBook  etc bahut sare  tarkhe hai.

My dear friends muje pata hai ki bahut se  log janana chahte  hai ki internet Se paise  kaise kamaye uske liye ek best post hai. 

Jise  main aapke sath share karta  hu. Agar aap Internet Se money earn krna chahate hai vo bhi legally to uske liye bahut Se tarike bataye hai.

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Thanks for your reply 🙂 but your provided link page is not available any more