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Best overclocking software for CPU / GPU


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Most of the computer users love to play games online or offline. Same as I also started learning my PC by using playing games.

Now I am an expert gamer from beginner users. As a gaming expert, I want to share some useful information for who loves playing games.

This guide will be on GPU/CPU but I will not go in theoretical and start with direct practically.

If you are facing problems during playing games, then it can be a problem with your GPU or CPU because overclocking is the main factor to boost your gaming performance.

Here are some Overclocking Software for Windows users that you must know:

1. CPU-Z & GPU-Z
2. MSI Afterburner
3. EVGA Precision X
4. AMD Ryzen Master
5. ATI Tray Tools
6. CPU Tweaker 2.0
7. HWMonitor
8. Desktop Control Center
9. GMA Booster
10. NVIDIA Inspector

These we explained aboutĀ overclocking software for windows PC so you can now easily understand about your gaming problems and can fix instantly.