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General Tips on an Electric Chimney


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The time to eliminate unwanted grime from your kitchen is here. Of course, that’s the job of electric chimneys and kitchen hoods. Because you, as a consumer are considering buying or have recently bought a chimney - we think it is extremely crucial to learn some tips to elevate your overall kitchen experience - in terms of décor, fragrance and usability.

How do I choose a chimney suction? How to maintain kitchen chimneys and more. For the many questions, we have a few answers, read on!

Pointers Before You Buy


  • Suction Power: For Indian kitchens, a chimney with higher air suction capacity is ideal due to masala-centric food. Chimneys that have come with a long hose have generally more suction power.
  • The motor should be sealed so that dust does not get into it. Using Aluminum non-stick motor will save you the hassle of periodic servicing.
  • Go for electric chimneys that have a silent-kit installed that make minimal noise for a noise-free environment.
  • Do think about Aesthetics. Some brands offer customizable kitchen chimney according to your kitchen décor. You can also find decorative hoods (add a product link) that come loaded with supreme features & innovative technology.
  • Warranty - Many chimneys for the kitchen come with a 1-year warranty but some electric chimneys come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Filter maintenance is essential as they trap oil particles and purify the air around your kitchen. Some like mesh type requires high maintenance while Baffle & Charcoal filters require periodical replacement.


Choose between Ductless & Ducting

Here is a tabular representation of the differences between the two. Make your choice.






Elevates up with ducting

Very less


40% more effective

As air circulates back, it gets less effective 

Maintenance & Care

Easy to maintain and take care

Charcoal filters need change frequently


High level 

Quite less


Very High. Prevents Condensation

Lesser. Kitchen heat is not removed


Impossible, not feasible 

Easily doable


Mesh/baffle filters

An additional charcoal filter


Did you know that some electric chimneys come with Auto Clean feature? Advanced specifications like Auto heat sensor detects impurities and automatically switches on and off while the Indicator function buzzes for and when a filter cleaning is required.

Need to know more about chimneys for the kitchen then do stay in touch as we bring you unlimited information about kitchen and related appliances.

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The filter thus requires less maintenance and cleaning. The heat auto clean technology helps in removing the impurities without any manual intervention GHD Sports Apk Download

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