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All The Questions You Need To Know About Black Granite Kitchen Top  



Black Granite Kitchen Top is something you want to have for your house to add glamour quotient. To retain the glaze and finish of black granite there are certain steps which are not known to many of the owners. That’s why, questions keep flowing in the different forums of the internet on its maintenance, care and sealing tips.

  • How to clean black granite counter top before sealing?
    Many people get confused about the process of cleaning the countertop before sealing. You have to clean the Granite Kitchen Top either with acetone or denature alcohol. Both of the components are pH neutral so that they will not harm the surface. You have to pour the liquid on the top and rub gently with a soft cloth to remove all the gunk and grime.
  • How to clean black granite on a daily basis?
    For general or regular cleaning purposes, it is advisable to use the granite and marble cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for not harming the texture. The solutions are easily available at the market.
  • Is there any requirement for sealing in a black granite countertop?
    Generally, the black Granite Kitchen Top does not need sealing. Most of the time high-quality black granite even absorbs the sealing. If the surface has honed finish rather than a polished finish, you need sealing to make it non-porous.
  • How to test whether the black granite does need sealing or not?
    There is a way to check the requirement of the sealing the granite that is called the water test. You have to drip a water puddle on the surface and check out whether the puddle darkens fast. If it takes 10-15 minutes to become darken, then you have to apply the sealer. In case the puddle does not darken in 30 minutes then you may be assured that there is no requirement for the sealing.
  • How to seal the surface of Granite Kitchen Top?
    First of all, you have to clean the surface with acetone or denatured alcohol. Then spray the sealer solution to form a thin glass surface. You have to wait for 2-10 minutes until the sealer absorbs completely. After that, before drying, you have to wipe off the excess sealer and buff dry completely. However, the most important advise is not to let dry the sealer on the surface as it can produce a hazy residue.

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