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4 Reasons to Install Steel Security Doors to Your Perth Home


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Looking to enhance the physical layer of defence present on your property? Well, luckily, there’s a simple, affordable, yet highly effective way for you to do so. Whilst the front door to your home may seem like the most obvious point of entry for burglars to take advantage of, it’s definitely the most common way for burglars to infiltrate into homes. With that said, it’s essential to provide this main entry way into your home with the appropriate layer of protection. And in this article, we’ll be discussing how a simple investment into steel security doors can help to provide your front door with the fortification it needs to resist against burglar attacks, and keep the rest of your household safe.  

Strong and Durable

Stainless steel security doors are often seen as the ultimate layer of defence to add onto your property. Why? Well, first off, because stainless steel is an incredibly strong material, capable of resisting against heat, corrosion and staining. This makes steel security doors suitable for a number of home applications in a range of different environments; from those living near the cost to others situated in bushfire prone areas. In addition to being able to withstand against a number of environmental conditions, getting custom steel security doors in Perth will also ensure to stay looking strong and durable, despite being exposed to the harsh Australian elements over a number of years. As a result, you can invest in steel security doors with confidence, knowing that they’re guaranteed to provide as a worthy investment.

Tried and Tested

Aside from their durable composition, stainless security doors are also manufactured to meet strict Australian Standards AS5039-2008. In order to comply with such strict requirements, these doors are required to pass a series of forced entry simulation tests, of which replicate common forced entry attempts including knife attacks, lever attacks, forceful impacts and more. These doors have been tried and tested against a number of typical break-in methods used by burglars. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy full peace of mind with such structures installed to your exterior doors.

Adds Value

No one should have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality when it comes to home security. And luckily, when you choose to invest in steel security doors for your home, you won’t have to. When you think of the term, ‘steel security doors’, what probably comes to mind are those dull and ugly prison doors with bars, or alternatively, those ones that are fully solid. On the contrary however, steel security doors made for residential applications aren’t as scary or unattractive as they may sound. Steel security doors are available in a range of favourable designs, then powder-coated to suit the colour and theme of your existing exterior home design. The sleek and smooth appearance of stainless steel adds even more onto to the visual appeal of the door. Overall, steel security doors promise to add to your property’s kerb appeal and value.

Implements Pest-Control

Aside from providing you with protection from potential intruders, installing steel security doors also helps you in keeping the critters out of your home. With a steel security door installed, you will be able to leave your door open during the day or night, without compromising on security or pest control. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy the fresh, cool breeze or natural sunlight entering into your home, and all without having to worry about flies, mosquitoes and other pests entering in alongside it. In this way, you can work to create a safer, healthier environment for you and your household to live in.

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