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Don’t let COVID-19 ...
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Don’t let COVID-19 restrictions get in the way of love


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Lock down is over for the most part, but much like spring breeze, it comes and goes. And it is during the time together in lockdown that many couples have realized how the last thing they need is time together.

Worst yet, even though lockdown has ended in most parts of the world, work-from-home has not. Some couples have to then operate from their home, which has naturally led to more friction.

Therefore, while the workaholics got time to be together during lock-down and WFH period, especially when they used to operate in different time zones, it has not been a pleasant experience for the rest of the couples.

From their daily life to the sex life, everything has been under the cloud of toxic-togetherness, with some even requiring the help of Best Sexologist in Lahore as well.


Are you in the same boat?

If you are also forced to spend a large chunk of your day with your partner, at home, in close quarters, and are feeling its impact on your relationship, then you need to take steps now before things escalate. Here are few tips to help you with this endeavor:


If you do not talk to your partner about how this proximity is getting to you, your feelings will then turn to resentment. You might even then start to get irritated by your partner, becoming short with them as a result.

Instead, it is vital that you respectfully communicate to them the need for personal space. You inform them how just because they are working from home, they are working still and you need some figurative and literal distance to operate in the professional world.

When done right, your partner will not only accommodate you, but you will also then start to appreciate their existence rather than becoming irritated by them.

Give space

It is pertinent that you both give each other space. Being home does not mean doing everything together and sticking to each other like glue. Move into different rooms, work on your own time, and manage things at your own pace. Then, you can decide on a time to reconvene. This way, you spend alone time as well as give your partner their due attention.

Do fun things together

Fun does not always mean getting jiggy with it. Sometimes, it is just fun. Try to play games together; charades, cards against humanity etc. are some games you can play together. Similarly, you can also invest in virtual reality tools like Oculus to play sporty games together.

Likewise, if you both enjoy DIY, then you can take some things together like painting the dresser or upcycling the cupboard.

Schedule time for sex

Again, just because your partner is home does not mean that you have to or get to have sex all the time. It may be something that is not convenient for either of you, and that will instead put damper on things.

Rather than doing this, schedule the sex so that you both look forward to this pleasurable time together, without any pressure. Scheduling also helps in taking away the friction of when you say no when you are not in the mood for sex.

Don’t start social media comparisons

Another thing that kills romance are comparisons. Due to social distancing, most people are then only aware of the love-lives of others via social media, the world of which is as fake as it comes.

Hence, rather than being envious of other people’s relationships, tune the social media noise down. Instead of wasting time on it, spend quality time together.

Seek expert help

If the impact of too much proximity has not been kind on your relationship, especially your sex life, then you should try to seek expert help, like that of the Best Sexologist in Karachi