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Instant Finance 24 Reveals Should You Get a Laptop on Finance?


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Owning a laptop opens up a world of opportunity. Not only can you work from home and earn a living from one, but you can also learn, stay entertained and keep in touch with those who matter most. Laptops can double as work stations and entertainment systems, while storing our most precious memories. That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interests to own one.

But, let’s be real, laptops can be expensive. So what happens when you need one immediately but you just don’t have the savings? One of the most convenient solutions involves getting a laptop on finance. Financing a new laptop can alleviate the financial burden of buying the machine, while allowing you to benefit from its use. When you buy a MacBook on finance, for instance, you’re essentially buying it on credit. You will not have to pay for the MacBook on the spot, but are rather billed periodically for a portion of the total price.

We often only think of financing as an option for big ticket items like cars. The truth is, laptops are so valuable and pricey nowadays that it’s absolutely reasonable to finance them. So, how do you know if getting a laptop on finance is a good option for you?

You need it immediately

If you need a laptop for immediate use like work projects or school, financing can help you to make the purchase when you don’t necessarily have the money on hand. With smaller, more manageable payments, you can immediately access the technology you need. Saving up for a laptop often means waiting several months before you can get your hands on it. In this day and age, that’s just not realistic. Work projects usually require us to be productive as soon as possible, so waiting months to get a laptop can make you miss several opportunities.

Your savings aren’t there yet

The most obvious reason to finance your laptop is that the finances may not be readily available. Financing eliminates this obstacle altogether. With the option to pay for your laptop over a certain period of time, you can get it sooner than you would have if you had decided to save up. Monthly ‘instalments’ also allow you to make this big purchase in a way that you can manage.

Can I get a Macbook on finance if I have bad credit?

Having bad credit can limit your options when it comes to financing. There are, however, a few ways to work around that. Financing a more expensive laptop, like a Macbook, is not necessarily impossible with bad credit. You can try to put down a larger initial payment, ask someone you trust to cosign, or lease-to-own the laptop. Each of these options increases the likelihood of a company lending you credit.

Financing a laptop can be a great way to jump over the hurdles involved in having a computer of your own. With working from home becoming more and more common, having a powerful and portable machine is more important than ever. If your savings aren’t where you need them to be yet, and you need a laptop almost immediately, financing is a great option for you.

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