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How to Play the Shell Shockers Game: A Comprehensive Guide.


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Shell Shockers is a game that asks players to remember the last few seconds before they are "hit" with a blast of icy-cold water. Players must then jump over, under, or around those last few seconds in order to avoid the blast. If a player gets hit by water, they have to start over from the beginning of the round. The more rounds a player completes, the higher their score will be at the end.

1) Setup: Place your board and cards on a flat surface. Place all players between 1-3 feet away from each other (depending on how close you want your games to be).

2) Game Play: Shuffle and deal out all deck of cards and place them on the board in any order you desire for each player. Each player must take their turn in succession without talking to any other players until it's their turn again.

3) Clean Up: After play is completed, remove all cards and board and store them in a safe container that is not accessible by children or pets. Trim all ends off with scissors to avoid fraying while storing or transporting.

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