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Top 10 Ways to Beat the Summer


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Summer, the season of sunburn and stifling heat! At this time dilemma is between summer vacations and sunburns. Well, vacations are the quality time that we spend with our family, so it has to be enjoyed. It is hard to stay cool in the scorching sun but not impossible! We can beat the summer by following some healthy and refreshing tips. Through diet and nutrition we can beat the summer to some extent and balance our summer exploration with cool gusty activities.

  • Summer diet

Our diet in summer should be fresh, juicy and hydrating that would keep internal body cool. Since, the vacation time is on, exposure to sun is more often which leads to excess sweating and the risk of skin sensitivities, dehydration and vitamin and mineral deficiencies would be augmented. The one solution to all these problems is to eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, yogurt, black-berries, rasp-berries and green-tea. All these mentioned foods would keep you active, rejuvenated.

  • Plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water in summer is crucial, since there is more loss than intake due to which the chances of problems could be increased as stated above. If you don’t stay hydrated your physical performance might suffer and in this over-active era, one has to make space for self-care. Make sure to drink two litres of water per day. It will be beneficial for innumerable reasons like body temperature control, enhance brain activity, relieves constipation, treats head-aches and lively all the time.

  • Oils to be used

Peppermint and spearmint are the essential oils which are associated with cooling properties due to its menthol components. Add few drops of these oils to your food preparation while you are on the go.

  • Infuse your water

If you are not able to drink two litres of plain water a day then, here is option to infuse water with healthy ingredients like strawberry lemon water, blue-berry orange water, kiwi cucumber water and rosemary grapefruit water. Infused water is packed with required calories with essential vitamins and minerals. Now, it will be easier to drink plenty of water!

  • Avoid fried snacks

Try to avoid fried, salty and spicy snacks as they will reduce your body functionality to a lesser extent and could also cause indigestion that is a really bad feeling in this scorching weather. Though, you can make home-made snacks which aren’t fried like avocado sandwich, fruits smoothies nuts and seed.

  • Use Aloe vera in your drinks

As we all know, aloe-vera is an epic herb for the protection against skin-burns and for over-all cooling. You can add few drops of aloe-vera in your infuse drinks or foods to get the refreshing benefits or you can prepare a aloe-vera ice cubes and use it in your drinks instead of plain water ice cubes.

  • Meditation

Take a break from your frantic schedule and let your mind be relaxed and cool for a while. Do it daily for few-minutes with deep-breathing in and out. It will give revitalising and cool sensation to your mind.

  • Magical coconuts (water and flesh)

Drink coconut water once a day. It will keep you hydrate for long and has natural cooling properties that work as weapon against harsh sun. Raw flesh coconut is also beneficial for the same with additional benefit of digestion.

  • Eat small meals

As we eat, our body starts releasing heat. So, eating smaller meals will reduce evolution of excess heat from the body. This is an indirect method to remain cool.

  • Advantageous cucumber

Eating cucumber will always be beneficial at any day, but you can also slice them and keep on to your eyes to soothe them for few minutes. It is really beneficial to bring down your whole body temperature.

Don’t limit yourself to home only to get rid of that burning sun. Follow these measures to confront the issue and enjoy your vacations hard! 

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