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The things you should know about lace front wigs


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Whether you're just setting your foot in the world of wigs, or you're a pro, one style you've probably heard of is the lace front wig. Several stores, including Luvmehair, feature a great deal of wigs. Nonetheless, you'd always notice that lace front wigs remain the most popular. This popularity is largely attributable to the natural finish it offers and how it allows treatments and styling similar to real human hair.  With that said, if you're in the market for lace front wigs, here is a beginner's guide that can set your path straight.

Purchasing the real deal

Of course, in a market so saturated as the full lace human hair wigs ecosystem, the prevalence of fake products is a given. To avoid falling into this trap, there are a few approaches you can take. Firstly, 100% human hair lace front wigs are typically wavy and form curls when wet. Thus, to assess the quality, spray some water on it to evaluate how it reacts. The absence of curls and indications of stiffness means it’s fake. Besides, if you are looking to purchase online, read reviews on that specific hair brand before opting in.

How to estimate the quality of your lace front wig?

The primary distinguishing factor between a low and high-quality wig starts with the amount paid for each. Most times, a good lace front wig comes at a higher cost compared to the low-quality ones. Besides price, the lace front wig in question shouldn't look anything like an arrival wig. You'd notice fuller and bigger curls that won't burden you even if you wear them throughout the day. It's also easy to style a high-quality lace front wig, compared to other qualities. Essentially, with quality comes comfort, versatility, and lightweight embedded in one.

How to maintain your lace front wig

Getting your lace front wig to look effortless and stylish over an extended period requires a great deal of maintenance. Firstly, never wash a lace front wig made from 100% human hair more than once or twice every 2 weeks! Besides, ensure that you store them on blogs to help maintain their characteristic shapes.

When dealing with your wig, you want to be as gentle as possible to optimize its longevity. Also, proper brushing will go a long way to preserve its lifespan.

How to wash your lace front wig?

Still, on the maintenance measures, consistent washing is recommended to guarantee the integrity of your wig. Washing shouldn't exceed the frequency mentioned in the section above. In fact, only do this when you feel like the wig is starting to feel dry, sticky, or perhaps, it's losing its volume.

Again, when washing, always use the right product. A sizable percentage of drug store products can leave a significant detrimental effect on your wig. Overall, avoid highly alcoholic products and opt-in for pH acidic ones for ideal care.

How to store your lace front wig?

On days when you're not using your wig, proper storage is required to sustain its integrity. Per expert recommendations, always store your lace front wigs on a wig head. However, depending on the extent of available space, you can opt-in for more Space-friendly alternatives such as a shoebox or satin bag.