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Bollywood Fashion For 2019


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Bollywood has been a trendsetter since the time it came into being. How often have we seen boys trying to copy the hairstyle of the hero of the latest blockbuster, or girls going dreamy-eyed at the heroine's dress?
With the advent of technology, fashion got a tremendous boost. Hollywood fashion became accessible to Bollywood stars and the Indian traditional attire for more coverage too. More and more designers started coming to the forefront. Actors started favoring particular designers and vice versa.
Now that we are in the last month of 2018, and seeing the best and sexiest fashion over the whole of last year, let us have a look at what new trends are in place for 2019 in Bollywood.
1.Wide Leg Pants

And here they come back again! They were a rage in the 90’s and have made a superb comeback. They are extremely comfortable and look very elegant. Plus, you will feel like a goddess in it. Pair them with your tees, crop tops, tank tops, shirts, or, even if you are going all out, short kurtis! Did we say you will look like a goddess? Go, rock the look, girl!

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