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5 Rules to Follow When Shopping Clothes for Your Man


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There has been a stereotypical theory that women shop more than men. But how true is this notion? A study explains that the real reason why women buy so much is that among the virtual society, women are most likely to practice a caregiving responsibility to either children, elderly or anyone else in between. So we commonly find women’s role as someone who buys clothes and other stuff not only for herself but also on behalf of others.  

In line with the shopping issue, women also love to go out in their fabulous clothes either solo or with their dates. Let’s just say that there are men whose style does not really live up to their partners’ expectations. That’s why some girls try to take their guys on shopping to dress them up better.

If you’re trying to do the same thing, remember that men and women have different attitudes towards shopping. Men, in general, don’t really like shopping. Although there are millions of men to whom this characteristic don’t apply, a survey of roughly 2000 British people conducted in 2013 says that while women can do shopping for two hours and more, most men start to get bored in just minutes. And you don’t want your date to feel that way, do you? So, to avoid a fight over small things like shopping sprees, here are the rules that you should follow when it comes to clothes shopping with your guy.  


Respect his tastes.

Everyone has their own sense of style and we all should respect that. Even when they always say they don’t care about fashion and they wear whatever they like, boys can still get upset if you say that their clothes are total crap.

What to do instead?

Educate him to wear better styles with no judgment. Show him photos of men in the latest fashion catalog or get inspo from male mannequins at the mall. Tell your boys that you can already imagine how they would look like when these clothes were worn on them. Once they get flattered, encourage them to buy more of the same.


Do not take him to several stores.

Men are impatient when it comes to shopping so never drag them to bunches of stores. Instead, take him to couple of cool places that they haven’t shopped at. This strategy may even work better if you have done some pre-shopping to locate and gather the best stores around you. Try to limit your options to a maximum of 3 stores only. And make sure that these stores are offering quality garments because men would look much better in high-quality clothes.    


Shop for him, not for yourself.

The most common mistake of women is pushing their men to buy clothes without considering their comments about it, whether they like the color and style or not. Ask him to take all his choices and suggest which among these clothes will best meet his target style. He will get more invested if you make him feel like this is all about him.   


Choose clothes that fit.

To his body and to his personality, checked! Girls, don’t make them wear something that’s beyond their character. And never expect a complete transformation as if you’re changing them into someone they’re not. Even if you think it’s hip or punk, purchasing something that he’s not comfortable with is pointless. It doesn’t mean that replacing his clothes with modern ones is wrong but you still have to consider whether he’d like it or not. If it’s a bit loose or tight, try to suggest a hem or look for other sizes. You can also look out for good basics and streetwear such as:

  • Quality polo shirts  
  • Cotton pants
  • Cashmere sweaters or casual jackets
  • Well-fitted shirts
  • Brogue or leather shoes
  • Socks that match his pants and shoes


Give compliments.

When fitting clothes, don’t forget to give compliments when they wear something nice. Knowing that you like what they wear will inspire them to follow your kind of style so they can impress you even more.