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Is there a weight limit for zorbing and what are others requirements?


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As you know, zorbing is a very dynamic sport. And like any other extreme sport, one of the main concerns to look out for is safety. There are now people who say that zorbing is a dangerous activity and the risks associated with it. This is only partially true, as the risks are now directly related to the choices you make. No matter what type of zorbing activity you decide to do., you need to look for safety measures related to each of these sports.

Water zorbing is usually done during the summer season and involves filling the zorbing ball with a layer of water. This allows the rider to slide along the bottom of the inner ball while the largest inflatable ball moves down the hill. The balls used for zorbing are different from ordinary zorb balls because they do not have internal straps. In addition, the entrance diameter of the ball is too small to prevent water or jockeys from falling out of the ball during the trip. Some safety precautions for water zorbing include: remove jewelry, wear summer clothing / swimming before driving, and all passengers should normally weigh limit less than 180 kg.

boy kicking - Body Zorbing

Some Dry Zorbing Tips

On the other hand, we have regular dry zorbings. The balls used for this activity also have straps for the chest and legs, as well as handles that you can hold by hand. Once you have decided to go on this journey, one of the most important things to do is to check that the seat belts are properly fastened to the ball and that when you are inside, the safety is strict. There have been cases where the belt was not fitted correctly and there were serious injuries while driving.

Another very important thing to keep in mind when going zorbing is that this type of trip is for two people at a time. These bombs are equipped with two passenger seats placed facing each other. It is important that both seats are occupied for the flight to run smoothly. If only one rider is involved and trapped, a geometric imbalance will occur inside the ball, and when the ball rolls down a hill, it can act as a punctured tire, bouncing unevenly. , can jump all over the place and possibly collect off, resulting in injury. So keep this in mind.

Some Water Zorbing Safety Tips

If you decide to go water zorbing, the safety precautions are slightly different. If you enter the water zorb with an ordinary zorb ball, don't worry. The ball floats on the water and you will be safe whether you walk in or land on it or whatever you want to do. There are even records that people accidentally tried to cross the entire ocean in these inflatable balls. So it is largely safe.

On the other hand, if you decide to do water zorbing in a single-layer water polo game, there are definitely some things to look out for.

First, these balls are filled with air and hermetically sealed with a zipper. You should be aware of the fact that the air supply inside the ball is restricted. When purchasing any of these balls, be sure to read the manufacturer's specifications. You should not stay in the ball for more than five minutes, as you may run out of air and this is very risky. So if you are going to do this, always keep the watch with you.


It is better to use your common sense and remember these basic and important safety guidelines, zorbing and all the activities associated with it will be 100% safe and enjoyable. Now that you have this information, you can try any of these extreme activities for yourself!