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How Can You Fight Illiteracy in India  



An insightful but straightforward quote by an American philosopher and educational reformer. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values.

It equips a person with the ability to develop a perspective towards the world and its people.

It ensures holistic development in terms of individual freedom and empowerment of a person.

Education is a dominant facet when it comes to the economic growth of a country.

It makes human resources more skilled and valuable. Consequently, improving the living standards of an individual, which further contributes to the economic growth in terms of human resource.

Almost all the developed nations across the world have literacy rates of over 90%.

These developed nations have a particular emphasis on career and skill-based education. All these nations spend more than 5% of their GDP on education.

According to the Indian constitution, Right to Education is a Fundamental Right. The Act makes education compulsory for 6-14-year-old children. However, despite such efforts, more than 1/3rd of the rural population in India is illiterate.

Rajasthan is the state with the most number of illiterates followed by Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

As we all know, India is a developing nation, an increase in literacy rate, and a sound education system is providing individuals an excellent opportunity to fulfill their dreams and live a good life.

It’s always good to know that worldwide demand for Indian brains is increasing every day due to the excellent education system and educational facilities our nation provides the potential workforce to the world.

Not all the talents across the country get this opportunity to live their dream, but our government is making some great efforts to spread the importance of education all over the country.

Many children in the rural and backward areas are not allowed to go to the schools due to lack of money and adverse economic situations,

Many girls are not allowed to visit schools because of lack of guidance,

Sponsor a child program is a fantastic concept which eliminates the poverty issue and helps children to work hard for their dreams and live in better conditions than before.

Sponsor a child program creates a better future for the individuals and the nation

How does this program work?( sponsor a child)

In sponsor a child program which is run by LOK KALYAN SAMITI,

an individual has to pay Rs.5000/-per year a can sponsor a child education for that children for the whole year.

Lok Kalyan Samiti is working dedicatedly in support of prime minister’s scheme

                  “Beti Bachao, Beti padao”

for the better future for all the girls of the nation,

About 4400 children have received sponsorship from people across India and abroad.

The children from nursery to class 10 visit to the center in two shifts i.e., morning and afternoon according to their scheduled school timings.

Apart from wholesome education,

Mandatory annual healthcare check-up is being conducted,

and they receive time to, for example, school bags, shoes, etc.

All the co-curricular activities are being organized and aimed at nurturing the knowledge and talent among children is also a high priority. Children are pushed for taking part in co-curricular activities to improve their skills.

All the holistic and traditional celebrations are being celebrated at Lok Kalyan Samiti children are awarded for their achievements, to motivate them for better results and growth, and to increase their morale.

The children coming out are ambassadors of hope and goodwill. This is a unique child and community development program and hopefully, a model fit to replicate elsewhere. Here is the source to Sponsor a Child in India Now.


Lok Kalyan Samiti aims to build a strong workforce and wins the fight against illiteracy and poverty and make a new nation.