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Top 30+ Free High DA Question and Answer Sites List in 2019 for SEO


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Question and answer sites is good source to build back link to your websites or blog .There are many free question and answer websites from which you can easily get answer for your question like Quora , So if you get back link from this websites your ranking will improve in google and yahoo and some another search engines and its will also boost traffic on your websites or blog for free.

How to get back link from question and answer sites

Suppose if your are answering the question so while answering the question you need to put link of your blog or website so if any other person looking for similar question they might fond your question is useful and will visit your blog or website to find more information so by this you will get quality traffic to your blog or website.

Here you need to follow this steps in question and answer sites

  • Always write unique answer and don't copy from another source
  • Always write relevant answer so user will find its useful and visit your blog or website for more information.
  • Use relevant image and link while answering 
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and grammar mistake in question and answer sites
  • Don't include Spammy Link 

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Free High DA Question and Answer Sites List in 2019 for SEO

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Image sharing sites are mainly referred to those websites where you upload your blog images to generate website traffic and gain inbound links.When sharing your articles image in image sharing sites, make sure the image that you choose to upload is related to your content, has proper file name and contains alternative text with focus keyword describing what the image is all about.

If you Submit images on High DA Dofollow Image Submission Sites then there are chances to get high traffic on your Website.Most People like images then reading any text. So you need to use good quality images which must be informative and attract the users.
What is Image Sharing in SEO
Image Sharing is one of the Off Page SEO techniques which help to increase traffic and brand awareness.There are few websites which allow to share link with image.By sharing link with image it will help you to get back link and increase ranking of your website.

Points to Consider before Submitting in Image Submissions Sites

Most of time we Submit images in image submissions sites without considering any factors of website and so after submitting we don't get any result of Submissions of Images.So following Points need to Consider before submitting in Image Submissions Sites.
  • Before Submitting Check Website DA , PA and Alexa Rank
  • Use your own unique images do not used Copyright Images
  • Always use High quality images which will attract users
  • Check Spamming Rate of Website
  • Add title and Description and link in images
  • Submit images in right category
  • Add related tags
  • Share images in  High DA and PA sites like facebook,twitter,pinterest and tumblr
  • Before submitting check website is not banned by search engines
  • Check website is not affected by malware
  • Check that website is related to image sharing sites

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Free High DA Dofollow Image Submission Sites List 

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