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Interactive Content Is One of the Digital Marketing Trends


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The expert shared examples of effective interactive content and gave recommendations on how to create it

What is interactive content?

Interactive content types are one of the latest digital marketing trends. They help brands stand out by creating immersive experiences and give consumers the opportunity to explore or solve a problem in a more engaging, personalized way. This is significant as 72% of consumers only prefer personalized content.

Interactive can be considered any content with which the user actively interacts, and not just passively consumes. Some of the most commonly used interactive content marketing formats are quizzes, surveys, maps, calculators, dynamic landing pages, interactive infographics, live and 360° interaction videos, user-generated content. Even podcasts can be considered interactive as they go beyond just typing text on the screen.

Interactive content marketing has a number of benefits.

Higher Engagement: A study by Cinema8 found that interactive content attracted audiences twice as much as static content. Respondents rated it even higher than images and interaction videos: 69% preferred GIFs, 65% preferred videos, and 82% preferred interactivity in any form. On Facebook, users spend four times more time watching live interaction video than pre-recorded video.

Link building: interactive content items can be shared. They can help you get backlinks. Other sites can link to interactive resources that the brand publishes, and branded content can also be placed on high-traffic sites.

Data to drive conversions: Interactive content gives businesses the ability to collect real-time data based on the different ways a user interacts with available options. For example, when consumers select lead magnets, the brand may ask for their name, email address, and other personal information.

For brands, this is an effective way to learn more about their consumer and adjust their image in their marketing strategy. Additional data about the target market can also be used to improve and adjust future campaigns to increase conversions.

Improving Consumer Education:


 Interactive content is a great way to convey important details about a product or service to the consumer in an easy-to-understand, engaging, and unique way. According to research, when people just hear information, they forget 90% of what they learned after three days. However, when combining a relevant image with information, customers will remember 65% of the data after the same period.

Better Data Analytics: Being able to collect data as a user makes certain decisions in their interactive content journey can make it much easier to understand their likes, dislikes, preferences, etc.

Higher market differentiation: Interactive content comes in many forms. Using it as part of an overall marketing strategy can make a business stand out from the competition.

More shares: Customers like interesting and unique content, so they share it 28% more often than static content. This helps to increase the overall reach of the brand audience.

Interactive infographics

Today, 40.2% of marketers consider infographics to be a visual format that is better suited for interacting with the audience than interaction videos, presentations, and other data visualizations.

In 2022, this type of content was considered the most common. Just posting infographics is not enough right now. You need to engage users by adding interactive content to it. This will allow you to get elements that attract attention and generate more shares on social networks. Examples: Analysis of the Beatles, Daily routine of creative people.

Interactive video

According to Cinema, 85% of marketers use interaction video as a marketing tool, up from just four years ago 61%. Video gives creative freedom in brand messaging and allows you to engage consumers in ways that text or images can't. Examples of interactive videos are below.

I don't know better

This music video from Major Lazer shows a shy boy with a passion for dancing who hopes to win over the girl of his dreams. The video has an interactive element that allows viewers to click on the screen to switch between reality and dreams and watch the story unfold.

Scotland from the sky

BBC Scotland has created a breathtaking 360-degree video of the Glen Coe Valley. This interactive video shows why Scotland is often referred to as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.