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6 way to increase visibility on Amazon using Keyword research tools  



Creating an Amazon Seller account isn’t enough to get dozens of orders every day. You have to optimize your products in order to get the maximum profit. Having all your products ranked on Amazon could help you get regular orders on each one of your products. Amazon’s product listing algorithm is totally different from that of Google’s.  

When a customer searches for some product, Amazon pulls out all the products relevant to the searched query. Since Amazon want maximum profit out of their customer, thus it ranks all the optimized products with proper keywords.

Though there is a difference between Amazon’s algorithm and Google’s algorithm, on both the platforms, the process of optimizing product listing through proper keyword research is similar.  

Today, I will be helping you out to increase your visibility on Amazon using Keywords. I have shared 6 ways to increase your product’s visibility on Amazon. All the below mentioned ways are based on using Keyword Research tools. Thus, it is mandatory for you to use an effective keyword research tool.   

If you are confused in selecting the most appropriate keyword research tool for your Amazon products then you can use AMZ One-Step website as they have the best team of professionals who will work for you and will help you to optimize your product listing through their own Amazon Keyword Tool Word Spy

Ways to enhance your visibility on Amazon

Use Keywords phrases in your Product Photographs

If you are new to Amazon and want to take professional photographs of your product then you can use Amazon Product Photography service but they will only provide well capture photographs they won’t be doing the Image SEO for you. In order to rank all your products on the top, you have to optimize your images by keyword phrases in your Product's photos.  

Amazon Product On-Page SEO 

Once you have done keyword research for your product now all you need to do is proper On-Page SEO for your Product. Simply use your keywords and some relevant keywords in your Product description and while answering to the customer questions. 

Get Keyword Ideas from Competitor's products 

The best inspiration to get sales on Amazon is to track your competitor's products deeply. Just learn What techniques they are using, what are their keyword and use Amazon Keyword Tool to find something similar to those keywords.  

Get some synonyms of your Product Name 

If your product has more than one name then, you have to look for synonyms (other names) of the product’s name so that you can maximize your revenue through the ranking on those synonyms tool.  

Include your Keywords in Search Terms  

Amazon gives you five different fields where you can specify your search terms. Make sure you include all your Keywords and relevant keywords in those fields in order to get maximum profit from your products. 

Use Amazon PPC Campaign 

Once you have all your appropriate keywords with you regarding your product then you can use those keywords to run Ads through advertising options on Amazon Seller Services.   


So, these were 6 different ways to get maximum visibility on Amazon through Keyword tools. In short, all you need to do is to find appropriate keywords for your products and use them as mentioned above.

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