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Making waves in entertainment news through credible dissemination


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The website has become a voice that people listen in entertainment news Within four years of its launch into a medium which has thousands of competitors, Behind Talkies, has become one of ‘the’ go-to websites when it comes to South Indian entertainment news. The startup which mainly deals with Tamil entertainment news has in a very short span of time carved out a sizeable chunk of audience. What is even great about their feat is that this has been done in a very sustainable manner since the launch in 2017 and post the lockdowns that were introduced as a precautionary measure in the battle against COVID, their audience has increased multifold.

Even the sudden spurt in users over the last two years has been sustainable. It hasn’t been a sudden spike which has then gone on to come crashing down. The growth graph of this Tamil entertainment news website has been phenomenal and the editors behind the young charismatic team owe it to their relentless pursuit of excellence. Credible dissemination of news is the fulcrum of the newsroom at Behind Talkies. While the team does strive to publish news quickly so as to get to their readers first, they do not compromise on quality. The team works round the clock and the strong editorial background of the team has ensured that each news item is fact checked by a team before it is published. The editorial expertise of the team has helped them do this in a very short span of time so that they are not behind when it comes to the quickness of publishing. 

The main reason behind the success of Behind Talkies is that they have been able to strike the right balance between quantity and quality and their ever increasing reader base is proof of that. Sticking to a simple, yet rigorous process has helped them not only cement a place in the front when it comes to Tamil entertainment news, but also left room for further expansion. Currently the vernacular websites only cater to South Indian entertainment news with a clear focus on Tamil entertainment news, the team could even look beyond Tamil to other languages in the future. For now however, their keeping their cards close to their chest and are happy with the recipe they are currently following. And their new venture Tamil Recipes is getting more interest towards the Tamil audience, sooner that will become one of the top recipes websites in the regional language.

Just publishing news first isn’t enough anymore in the ever buzzing world of social media. Behind Talkies has also put a team in place which manages social media. Each news item is curated differently for different platforms before they are put out. This ensures that monotony is avoided and also ensures maximum reach for each post. The team is also careful not to bombard its subscribers with posts, a mistake, which many media outlets have been unable to avoid. Thus, the unsubscribe numbers are much lower than their subscription numbers resulting in a healthy positive net subscriber list with each passing day. Even better, the team also reached out to its subscribers for feedback which it does its level best to incorporate in its daily proceedings.