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Ford Ecosport -The Most Desirable Car


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We live in the 21st century, where technology surrounds us and our day to day life is not complete without it. We live in a place which is connected by the internet. We cannot think one single day without it. You come to know what is going on the other part of the world just by checking the phone. So you can see how important is the internet.

It connects us to the world. Now people prefer to do online shopping rather than going outside to check products. It not only limited to clothes, groceries, accessories but now modern people buy a car too. Yes, people find it more convenient. If you want to buy the Ford Eco sport but waiting for the sale. How do you come to know when are where the sale is going on? Until you check the internet. It is not possible to visit the shops to check. From internet only you will come to know that ford Eco sport for sale in Franklin is going on.

Ford Eco Sport

The price of the Ford ecosport varies from one city to another. It starts from Rs. 7.69 lakh. The Diesel Ford Eco Sport price starts from Rs. 11.33 lakh. It has the diesel engine, the capacity is 1-liter petrol, 1.5litre petrol or 1.5-liter diesel. The car Ford Eco Sport has 2 petrol engine and one diesel engine. The capacity of the diesel engine is 1498 cc and the petrol engine is only 999cc and 1497 cc.

The car has both automated and manual transmission. Depending on the fuel type Ford EcoSport provide a mileage of 14.8 to 23.0 km. Eco Sport is 5 seater SUV, the width of the car is 1765mm the length of the car is 3998mm, and the wheelbase is 2519mm.

The safety feature of Ford Eco sport

Safety is the primary thing to consider when you are going to buy a car. You don’t know when to mishap pen will know the door. You should be alert all the time. So when you visit for Ford Eco sport for sale in Franklin check all the safety features of the car. It has got two airbags along with the rear parking sensor, child seat anchors, traction control, electronic stability control, etc.


Buying Ford Eco sport is a huge investment, so before purchasing check all the features of Ford Eco sport for sale in Franklin, Every car agency has their own official website, visit their site to purchase the best cat in market.

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