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BDC Key Programming Using AutoHex


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A vehicle key Programmer for BDC key is an employable device that can be utilized to recode the smart keys in later models of BMW. At times another key can be modified with no extraordinary gear, however, numerous vehicles require a tool known as a key Programmer tool like Autohex II.
BMW cars have extraordinarily coded transponders in their keys and won't begin or run if the best possible signal isn't gained. In most cases key can be modified with regular or common equipment, however, numerous vehicles require a special alluded device known as Key Programmer. A BDC key programmer might be an independent unit, however, they are now and then incorporated into complex sweep instruments. 'Key Programmer' tool normally bidirectionally interface with the onboard diagnostics II (OBD-II) connector.
At the point when a key for an advanced car is supplanted, the new unit will regularly turn the mechanical change however neglect to introduce the framework or begin the vehicle. If this happens, it is normally in light of the fact that the transponder inside the key has not been coded to that specific framework. Keys can regularly be acquired from either the dealership or a locksmith, however, they should be coded paying little respect to the source. A few vehicles enable the proprietor to code their own key, which normally requires the nearness of one of their unique keys.
The way toward utilizing a key Programmer regularly includes connecting the device to the OBD-II interface so it can speak with the vehicle. Every BDC Key Programmer tool has distinctive options and their Procedures, however, they typically enable the administrator operator to pull the key programming data from the Computer and after that recode the transponder and PC to work with one another. After the key software programmer has been utilized, the new key should work simply as the former one.
Writing computer programs of the car ignition key is the thing that auto vehicle locksmith does. Ignition Car Keys are worthy of trust. They just unobtrusively carry out their responsibility a seemingly endless amount of time after a year. Scarcely any things are increasingly essential. Up to this point, next to no time was spent reasoning about them. Since they have turned out to be significantly more costly, we presently invest a great deal of energy considering them. In spite of the fact that transponders are thought of as new, the innovation has been around since the '40s. At the point when an extra is made, it must be sliced and added to the vehicle's framework. The procedure by which a transponder ignition key is added to the vehicle's memory is known as key programming. Exact cutting or copying is never again all that is required. In the event that the substitution isn't added to the framework, the vehicle won't remember it. In the event that the extra isn't perceived, the vehicle won't begin. There are three different ways a key producer can program or add an ignition car key to the framework, onboard programming, cloning, and programming with a demonstrative instrument.

BDC Unlock Using AutoHex II

Unlock BDC using Autohex II is a very easy and smooth process. Autohex II diagnostic scan tool is capable of unlocking various BMW modules like BDC and Front Electronic Module (FEM). Here we will show you in a series of steps for how to unlock BDC using Autohex II Key programming tool. Autohex II BMW Scan Tool is an excellent choice for BMW models as Autohex II is the only tool that combines all that you need. Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool supports Programming any Ecu individually (DME, DDE, DSC, CAS, FEM, Airbag, KOMBI, Radio,..etc).
This diagnostic tool matches the VIN of used BDC with the vehicle as well as the Ecu Flash to a proper flash to make it compatible with the vehicle.
Full support to read and write ISN to all CAS versions (1,2,3 and 3+) including the latest updates. Autohex II BMW Diagnostic Tool supports almost every ISN reading of DME/DDE in E series up to latest produced models. Supports almost all ISN read and write DME Ecus from BOSCH in F series.
Autohex II will also allow you for changing VIN, ISN stored in BDC and Programming new keys for BDC.Autohex also allows you for cloning BDC from original to used one transferring full data stored in original to second hand BDC. All data like KEYS Stored in BDC, VIN, ISN in BDC everything will be transferred to use.

⦁ Open The microtronik Autohex II software.
⦁ Select BMW Version: (latest version if available.
⦁ Then click on the "On Bench" Option.
⦁ Select "On Bench FEM/BDC unlock option from the menu in the left pane.
⦁ Click on the Right Arrow next to the Exit button in the right window.
Note: Don't connect the SO-8 clip to the EEPROM. This may result in hardware failure.
⦁ Following the image, demonstrations connect HW4 to the BDC/FEM on your hardware.

⦁ Now connect SOS Clip to chip. Pin 1: Brown wire.
⦁ Click on the Right Arrow next to the Exit button in the right window.
⦁ Now select proceed button between exit and restore buttons.
⦁ "if you have DME/DDE ISN click on '1' then Click the First button next to exit button.
⦁ Now Load the original DME ISN by copy-pasting the code in the given box and then click the right arrow button to proceed.
⦁ Make sure everything is fine then click proceed button next to the exit button and wait for the process to complete.
⦁ After processing 100% ECU is now is in its original state!
⦁ Save the Secret info file for the ECU
⦁ FEM/BDC unlock is complete now and click 'ok' to close the completion message window.
⦁ Go back and before you select any option unplug SoS from ECU then select coding/programming option from the left pane and wait for the process to complete.
⦁ Now select Indiv Programming and read the details and make sure are they valid and exit.
⦁ Now select key Learning and choose the button named '2'.
⦁ Now load the already saved secret info file for ECU
⦁ From the dropdown menu select key number as key:8 then proceed and click yes on the dialog window.
⦁ Now click 'Tick mark' button
⦁ Keep the key closer to the ignition coil now the details of your key are on the screen if not then adjust the key in the right place again in front of the ignition coil.
⦁ Once the details are shown then click the proceed button next to the exit button and wait for the process to complete.
Note: Don't move the key.
⦁ After completion press exit button and click the key learning option from the left pane and select '1' button.
⦁ Now see in the dropdown list the key:8 is used and enabled and in a slot.
⦁ Now BDC has been unlocked and deployed on your ignition key
All set now you are good to go!




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Thanks for sharing the whole menu of programming a general key for any auto vehicle. I hope many beginners who are offering 24 hour locksmith service will learn many new things from here.


Before hiring any 24 hour locksmith consider taking help from dealer i personally suggest.


The above steps that you have shared to program the car keys are very helpful for beginner locksmith. They will learn and enhance their knowledge to a great extent.


To program any BDC key manual is necessary and its not possible for normal people to program it. This is the reason you need to contact locksmith for key programming.


I really want to thank you for your effort, this manual will help me to program bdc key without hiring locksmith nj.

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