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What types of surveillance cameras are


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Today, camcorders used for security purposes are becoming more modern, multi-tasking and practical. Already you will not surprise anyone with good picture quality - HD, Full HD and even UltraHD are considered not new at all. Nowadays, technology with a wide viewing angle is especially appreciated - this makes it possible to cover the largest possible area. Also, the picture should be clear even at night.


Today the demand for Solar power CCTV camera is only growing. Experts predict an even greater rise in purchases. And this is even when China creates serious competition for world leaders in this area.

Cameras have significantly improved, ranging from functionality to customization for specific user requirements. Many companies do not want to overpay for features provided as "premium", because they are also included in the standard equipment from other manufacturers. And it's hard to disagree with this. Today, any manufacturer must take into account the requirements and desires of the end consumer in order for his product to be in demand.

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What kind of surveillance cameras are there?

Basically, the cameras are divided according to the technology with which the entire system is created. Types of Solar power cctv camera are:

  • analog;
  • digital.


Analog equipment


Today cameras offer excellent image quality - HD and UltraHD (up to 8 megapixels). The cost of such models is not much higher than the price of standard resolution cameras, but the picture quality is much better here. You will hardly hear about cameras other than HD, as all the others are considered very outdated.

There are many advantages to using this technique:

  • the signal is sent over considerable distances;
  • efficiency;
  • simplicity of setting up such a system;
  • you can easily combine elements in the security system from different manufacturers.


To improve an existing system, you no longer need to completely change it. It is enough to replace individual elements step by step. It will come out much cheaper. In addition, modern technology is capable of transmitting a signal over a distance of about 500 meters, and this does not require amplifiers or repeaters, and this will also significantly save money.

Thanks to HD cameras, you can get a signal without interruptions or freezes, which is often encountered when using IP cameras.


Digital instrumentation


Digital equipment can use two types of systems:

  • HD-SDI. Came from the TV industry. Transmits a picture at a distance of up to three hundred meters. Installation in this case is simple. The disadvantages are the high price of cameras for video surveillance , short signal display range and serious requirements for the quality of the wire. That is why they quickly fell out of favor;
  • IP. Its main advantage is the scaling of the system, which is important for a large-scale project. In addition, the technology is networked, and therefore does not require accessories for signal transmission and data storage. But there are also serious drawbacks. So, signal transmission without additional equipment is only 100 meters. If the network is overloaded, delays will begin.


Megapixel hardware


In a security system, it is very important to get a clear picture, which today modern Solar power cctv camera have allowed to do. After all, if the system does not find and fix large objects, then the entire security system will be ineffective or will not perform its tasks at all.


1-megapixel technology


Today such cameras are practically not in demand - their picture resolution is 1280x720 pixels. However, in some cases, the use of such video cameras is quite justified, especially when it comes to a very small area. In addition, the price here is very low, and not even the camera itself, but the fact that the number of hard drives is decreasing. The load on the local network is also reduced.


2 megapixel technology


Such cameras are standard in the security system. Moreover, it can be beaten by IP cameras and HD models. The resolution in this case is 1920x10180 pixels. If you already have a security system, then in this case there is no need to completely change it. It is enough to install the 2-megapixel camera at the most important points requiring special attention. For example, it can be a ticket office, a gate where cars are constantly passing, or a reception desk. The quality of the picture will be sufficient to recognize the face of the offender or the license plate of the car.

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