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Just MTF Charts: Rokinon / Samyang Lenses  



I’m visiting add some qualifications to the Rokinon / Samyang MTF post. First, the results are a mix of each brand (which are identical aside from the label). Camera rentals stocks largely Rokinon tagged due to higher (the bar is low here) service within the U.S., therefore the web site calls them Rokinon. Our computer code calls them Samyang as a result of Samyang Optics really manufactures all of them. therefore you’ll see a graph tagged Samyang with links to a lens labeled Rokinon.

Second, this post includes each the image lenses and also the Xeen Cinema lenses. We’ll be swing out the MTF charts for alternative Cinema lenses following the image series. Whereas several cinema lenses are rehoused image lenses, the rehousing itself would possibly create some variations in variation, or maybe slight variations in optical performance. as a result of we have a tendency to solely have results for some Rokinon lenses we’re visiting place their image and Cinema lenses within the same post.

Finally, I’m visiting address thirty-two inevitable comments that are coming back, primarily stating “I have one in every of those, and its approach higher than what you say”. sensible for you, my friend; I’m unsurprised. keep in mind these are average MTFs of multiple copies wiped out multiple rotations. Half you that own the lens DSLR on rent ought to have one that’s higher than the graph, half you worse.

That’s true for any lens, however, Rokinon’s have additional variation than most lenses, that the distinction is additionally noticeable. I've got rigorously unbroken variation graphs out of this series of posts as a result of ‘just MTF’. however, during this case, it’s price mentioning. Within the comparison below the world of the graph shows the vary that ninety-six of copies can fall in. It ought to be pretty obvious that additional variation suggests that a much bigger distinction between an honest copy and a not therefore good copy.

Put into words, the Samyang and Nikon lenses have concerning the identical average MTF. However, if I caught up ten copies every of the Samyang and Nikon 35mm f1.4 lenses, I will guarantee you that the simplest copies of the cluster would be Samyang. Also, the worst copies would be Samyang. Therefore I totally expect some ‘my Samyang is much higher than you say’ and ‘my Samyang is way worse than you say. That’s however statistics work.

Because I generally get quoted out of context, let American state be very clear concerning what I mean. I’m not trashing Samyang/Rokinon lenses; I prefer them and that I own a pair in person. they provide an outstanding price for what they deliver. However there’s no magic; you don’t get the identical build quality, internal control, or optical changes that you just waste a lens cost accounting five times the maximum amount.

Finally, simply just in case, somebody asks DSLR camera rent in Hyderabad, the ‘Cine DS’ line is a clone of the imaging lens apart from geared rings. We’ve tested them and that they are optically identical, simply to substantiate that. The Xeens are automatically completely different and thus it’s doable that performance can be slightly different, therefore I show them one by one.

A Quick How to on Reading MTF Charts

If you’re new here, you’ll see we've got a scientific methodology to our approach, and use MTF charts to live lens resolution and sharpness. All of our MTF charts take a look at 10 of the identical lenses, and so we tend to average out the results. MTF (or (or Modulation Transfer Function) Charts live the optical potential of a lens by plotting the distinction and determination of the lens from the middle to the outer corners of the frame. associate degree MTF chart has 2 axes, the coordinate axis (vertical) and also the coordinate axis (horizontal).

The coordinate axis (vertical) measures however accurately the lens reproduces the article (sharpness), where 1.0 would be the theoretical “perfect lens”. The coordinate axis (horizontal) measures the space from the middle of a lens to the perimeters (measured in millimeters wherever 0mm represents the center, and 20mm represents the corner point). Generally, a lens has the best theoretical sharpness within the center, with the sharpness being reduced within the corners.

Tangential & mesial Lines

The graph then plots 2 sets of 5 completely different ranges. These sets are lessened into Hyderabad camera rentals Tangential lines (solid lines on our graphs) and mesial (dotted lines on our graphs). Mesial lines are a pattern wherever the lines are headed parallel to a line through the middle of the image. Tangential (or Matrimonial) lines are tested wherever the lines are aligned perpendicular to a line through the middle of the image.

From there, the mesial and Tangential tests are wiped out five sets, started at ten lines per millimeter (lp/mm), all the far to fifty lines per millimeter (lp/mm). to place this in layman’s terms, the upper lp/mm live however well the lens resolves fine detail. So, higher MTF is healthier than lower, and fewer separation of the mesial and tangential lines are higher than plenty of separation. Please confine mind this can be an easy introduction to MTF charts, for an additional scientific rationalization, be at liberty to browse this text.

Rokinon exposure Lenses

One issue simply to prevent questions; we have a tendency to don’t have access to most of the “AF” Rokinon lenses for testing and don’t expect Lensrentals can carry them in important amount. They aren’t sensible rental things. I did add the 50mm f1.4 AF, that is widespread in Sony mount, however, even then I don’t have the standard ten copies.

Rokinon 14mm f2.8 ED

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