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How Do You Deal with Joker Cards in Rummy?  



A standard deck of cards contains 52 cards plus 2 joker cards. The jokers serve multiple purposes. They are used to replace any worn out or lost card in the deck. Apart from that, some games like Indian Rummy make effective use of Jokers by according them a special role in the gameplay. Rummy is a card-melding game in which players are required to group similar cards into runs and/or sets. Although, as per rummy rules, such melds can very well be formed even without any Joker, deploying Jokers to form valid combinations can simplify the task to a great extent, and can lead a player to victory. That’s why, players love Joker cards.

Printed and Wild Card Jokers

Rummy makes use of two kinds of Jokers. To be precise, there is 1 Printed Joker, and 4 Wild card Jokers. As the nomenclature indicates, the card with a Joker printed on it, functions as a Printed Joker. On the other hand, post card distribution to the players, one card is randomly turned up, and placed face up under the closed pile of cards, in a way that it is clearly visible to the players. It is the Wild Card Joker.

A Reason for Joy

Players are filled with joy when they receive a Joker. The reason is that once you have a pure run in place, the rest of the melds can be completed quickly with the help of Joker(s). A joker card, whether Printed or Wild Card, carries zero points, and helps in reducing the overall point-burden of players if utilized properly.

How to Get Joker(s)

Firstly, it is vital to know that you either get Joker(s) in the card distribution or from the closed deck. No player can pick a Joker from the open pile. There are different ways in which you can use Jokers to speed up your card-melding process, and lay your hands upon the Winner’s title in a rummy game.

The Critical Requirement

One pure run is essential, failing which all other melds would be useless. In other words, if you don’t have a pure run, possessing and using Joker(s) would be of no consequence.

High-Value Cards and Joker(s)

Normally, it is considered wise to discard big cards because of the heavy point-load they carry. However, high-value cards such as Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces can be very well used with Joker(s) to form impure run(s) or to complete sets. For instance, J♣, Q♣, Joker or Joker, Q♠, Joker.

Group Cards into Combinations with Joker(s)

Applicable especially to online rummy games, it is yet another way to minimize the point score. If you have Joker(s) and any unmelded cards, put them together to form a meld, and as such, keep your points in check. If you happen to suffer from an abrupt Internet disconnection, any technical snag or power outage, cards melded with jokers would restrict your points.

Check the Wild Card Joker Before You Begin Forming Melds

In order to be able to choose better cards from the open pile, and to avoid discarding any useful card, it is better to keep the Wild card Joker in mind, and accordingly, plan appropriate combinations.

Discard the Cards Close to the Wild Card Joker

A much-advised rummy strategy is not to form pure runs with Wild Card Joker. As such, it is considered safe to get rid of the cards close to it because there are negligible chances of such cards getting picked by the other players.

This is Also Possible

It might sound strange but sometimes, a single player can get too many Jokers. Initially, the player might rejoice as Jokers are desired by everyone, but it could pose a hurdle in the formation of a pure sequence, thereby jeopardising the game itself. In such a case, it would be better to discard the excess Jokers.

Take Joker(s) Seriously

Joker cards are an interesting twist to the exciting rummy card game, especially the online rummy version. Just as real-life Jokers, Jokers employed in rummy make the players rejoice. Your first priority should be to create a pure run, following which you should follow the Joker tips suggested in the article to complete your melds as quickly as possible. The one who comes up with relevant combinations before all the other players, emerges the winner of that rummy game. Make ingenious use of your Joker cards, and sway rummy in your favour. Have fun with Indian Rummy!

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