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How Much to Tip Your Movers  



As consumers, you have lots and lots of faith on the professional movers and packers like the Lexington Movers. This is the reason the better ones charge the price as per their competence. As customers, you invest your complete trust and faith upon people to whom you are hardly acquainted. However, when it comes to tipping them, some of them may ask you something that is eligible while some other may try to dupe you and rule the roost. So, here you go… learn how to tip your packers and movers.

How much to tip?

With any other service provider, the tipping depends on the performance of their job. If they behaved badly with the customers, that would bring an effect while tipping them. On the other hand, if you notice the crew to be attentive, professional and responsible, you give them a fair share of money.

In case of Lexington Movers, generally they do not expect a tip. But if you are pleased with their work and would like to acknowledge it, they appreciate your move. More than the money, the movers prefer the recognition of their effort and makes the things seem worthier.

Treat your movers

Of course, moving is a hectic affair. There are thousands and thousands of minute things that needs total attention. So here are some quick tips that you need to follow while working with the team of movers:

  • Since moving is a heavy affair, therefore shifting things from one place to another may cause injury. It is your responsibility to have ice bags and medicines to help the movers.
  • Some movers prefer a wholesome lunch in place of accepting the tip. Well, as far as you are concerned with preparing the lunch, it is absolutely fine.
  • Avoid paying the whole tip to the foreman or the driver. Divide the tip and hand over it to the individual movers. Not only will they be happy to notice the recognition of their efforts, but also the rested of the movers will not be cheated by any one foreman.
  • There are certain moving companies that have rules against offering drinks to their movers. Make sure that you follow this and do not deviate from this rule.


Henceforth, from next time onwards when you hire movers and packers for relocation, make sure that you keep these points in mind, especially in terms of tipping the movers.

Moving is definitely a hectic thing that's the reason everybody look for moving companies to make it simple and easier.

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