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Enhancing Comfort level of trading and booking  



Post the internet revolution there has been paradigm shift in marketing focus. You are no longer a niche player; rather you have been exposed to the global market by virtue of e-commerce initiatives. Hence your restaurant business that perhaps caters to a niche market in your neighborhood has been under threats from the biggies in the adjacent market/s. Your survival will therefore depend on your ability to diversify your risk by way of your modified marketing strategies such as digital doctor app.

You can get to the truth of this revolution in restaurant business while you take a look at the following diagram that has been developed based on the customers’ feedback.

The algorithm for ease

There are two sets of data that essentially represent the contribution of mobile app for the success of your restaurant business. Quick Service restaurants represent those restaurants that accept online booking and it’s been found that an astonishingly 20% of the booking comes through mobile apps. While the online booking vis-à-vis the total bookings done by restaurants in a particular market stands at 12% and one third of it – precisely 4% is coming through mobile apps. This is a huge sales figure that any sensible restaurant owner can ill afford to ignore for sure.

Moreover you have to keep in mind here that restaurant business through mobile apps is still passing through its nascent stage. Just imagine what it would mean in the long run then. As it appears at the moment it won’t sound an exaggeration if I say, mobile apps are the future of restaurant business all over the world. The reason for saying so is that with the passage of time the number of nuclear families has been rapidly on rise throughout the world while both the partners are to work for living. In consequence they can hardly manage to go out together or cook on their own on daily basis. 

Your survivals as well as big buck strategy will therefore heavily bank on mobile apps and none other than can help you better on this. Be the first among your competitors to reap the first mover’s advantage there.

Comfort of trading

The pleasure of day trading lies in its simple philosophy – live for the today and party tonight. How? Just consider the life span of this trade that stretches for a few hours within which you must buy and sell stocks at the right assortments and at the right price so much so that you can stand to gain at the end of the day. Even though there’s no such term called “right price” which is essentially a perceived price to you given a day’s market condition and therefore varies from person to person as well on daily basis.

Would you like to know few ideas of keeping yourself inspired and motivated? yes.? then shoppingthoughts is your answer.

Height of pleasure in a day trader’s life:

Height of pleasure in a day trader’s life – mad or what that may be your initial reaction; might resort to ponder over the issue as if like a bare babe lying under a banana tree expecting a banana to fall. No – it’s certainly NOT. It is rather the outcome of persistent reading and analyzing the market trend and then resort to quick buys and sales accordingly so much so that you as a day trader stand to gain the maximum for a day given your volume of operation.

Nothing succeeds like success and success breeds success both of which hold good in this trade. But, you the day trader can’t afford to be complacent with a day’s achievement since time and tide wait for none. You have to take lessons from here and then would have to proceed further. That’s life – can’t help it.

The pleasure of a day trader is that you earn at the speed at which you feel that you are comfortable and take load accordingly. There’s no hard-and-fast rule on you as you know your business is your baby alone and therefore there’s no compulsion for reporting or answering to anybody else other than your spouse perhaps if you happen to be a married person. 

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