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Automotive Equipment For BMW FEM-BDC Programming  



The Front Electronic Module (FEM), BDC key programming is a new generation tool that reverses existing control units and their limits. Because of the measured rule, the Front Electronic Module (FEM) can be introduced in all arrangement. The Front Electronic Module (FEM) and the key programming control unit in the BMW electrical frame. In the meantime, the Front Electronic Module (FEM) is the door for the other control units. The Front Electronic Module (FEM) gives capabilities from the past control units footwell module (FRM), Car Access System (CAS), Junction Box Electronics (JBE) and focal passage module (ZGM).

Detailed Component Description BMW FEM-BDC 

FEM is generally placed in the A-Pillar Passenger footwell and it controls all major functions in the front segment of the BMW Car.

FEM basically controls the access and the entry system to the vehicle and it summarizes this area for a vehicle that how someone can access the functionality of the car.

What's New In BMW FEM-BDC For CAS 

The following functions of the Car Access System (CAS) have been integrated into the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

⦁    Terminal control

⦁    Electronic immobilizer

⦁    Comfort Access

⦁    Electric steering lock

⦁    Central locking system

⦁    The General functions of the Junction Box Electronics (JBE) have been integrated into the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

⦁    Power window regulator

⦁    Wash/wipe system

⦁    Washer jet heating

⦁    Climate control

⦁    Seat heating

⦁    Mirror heating

⦁    Automatic air recirculation control

⦁    Rain-light-solar-condensation sensor

⦁    Some Major functions of the footwell module (FRM) that have been integrated into the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

⦁    Exterior lighting

⦁    Brake light

⦁    Interior lighting

⦁    Exterior mirrors

The central gateway module (ZGM) is integrated into the Front Electronic Module (FEM). It is seen as a key unit within the control unit, as the primary gateway module (ZGM) acts like a self-sufficient control unit within the Front Electronic Module (FEM), BDC KEY PROGRAMMER.

The main function of the central gateway module (ZGM) is to attach all bus systems. This organization provides general use of information from the individual bus systems. The central gateway module (ZGM) is able to implement various reports and speeds on other bus systems. The programming data are allotted to the vehicle by Ethernet via the central gateway module (ZGM).

Best Ever BMW FEM/BDC Programmers Tool:

⦁    AutoHex II

AutoHex II

AutoHex II is the most powerful BMW diagnostic scan tool nowadays. AutoHex was designed to meet the technical needs on a very large scale across a wide range of BMW series. Nowadays technology and the automotive industry are rapidly growing so you always need a reliable and very powerful scan tool to perform critical Functions like ECU replacements, key programming, ECU codings and many more.

AutoHex II is literally a gem as it provides many services like the pin code with online technical support. so if you are struggling to diagnose or want to ensure that problem is no more then AutoHex II  is the best choice among all other its competitors in the market. All in all  AutoHex II  can do everything your regular diagnostic tool can't do.

The Best key feature of AutoHex II  was that it was designed to be interactive, easy to use and understand, secure and on top of that the most importantly it is very rich in its unique features that surely cannot be found on other scanning tools in the market.

Autohex II calculates for you the required PIN code for some special services like Key matching. Autohex II can correct Mileage for most BMW Models and BMW series.AutoHex II is the best choice for professionals who work in BMW vehicles. FEM unlock using Autohex II  provides A to Z service functions you may need. There are numerous income streams accessible to you with this device, keys, ECU swaps to give some examples. A must have tool! If you are a  BMW repairer then this tool will definitely pay for itself in a matter of months. They remote in if needed to walk you through a new process, provide you with files and answer your questions fast. As with any technology-based tool, technology changes It truly is the goose that lays the golden eggs!

⦁    From coding to the programming and for ISN syncronizing AutoHex II does it all, if you are a BMW specialist this is the only tool you will need. It is always being constantly updated and developed as compared to other tools in the market. It likewise has a key making highlight which again is robotized and extremely simple to utilize. Its capability in BMW is more advanced than the factory tool and other aftermarket tools on the market.


⦁    Weight: 0.6kg

⦁    Package size: 3.0 * 19.0 * 7.0 ( cm )

⦁    Supported System: FEM, CAS3, CAS4, CAS3+, ABS

⦁    OBD Interface:     CAN, OBDII

Some key Highlights for Autohex II BMW:

⦁    Adjustment for any ECU online through a server.

⦁    CAS replacement in 20 seconds even for case 3 and 3+ FA CODING

⦁    ISN manager read/write for DME MSV70, MSD80, MSD81, MSD802, MSD812, MSD851, MSV80, MSD85, MSV801, MSD87, MSV90 etc.. Reading takes about 12 minutes only (other devices needs about 40 minutes) and it's done online for your safety.

⦁    Key programming CAS1 2 3 3+ Safety 100%. Its the only device which can accumulate across the board with such safety.


Top Autohex II BMW Functions:

⦁    It has the ability to change VIN of all ECU including the CAS ECU.

⦁    It has the ability to backup and restores FA (Vehicle order) from different ECUs

⦁    It has the  ability to match used DME to the CAS (ISN matching including 128 bits ISN)

⦁    It has the ability to run dealer software (ISTA D/P Rheingold) with 100% compatibility.

⦁    Free update always.

⦁    Customized Option ( you can ask as for any extra option you wanna add to your device and we will add it within 24 to 48 hours, Free Of ).




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