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Can you answer What is Blog? 

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Hi in this post I will tell you what is a blog, some blog features and benefits of a blog. So please read this post and reply your feedback in comment section.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a place or type of website, where new posts and updates are presented first. Blog is a type of personal webpage as a dairy, is written by an individual or small group of people to give information in conversational style.

Blog can be simple of an individual or specific where Articles, photos, videos can be shared by the blog owner to inform the world.

Features of Blog : -

If I will talk about the features of a simple blog in which all posts are listed orderly (newer content appear first).

Blog posts also have a comment section where users or readers can reply their feedback to the article.

One side in sidebar featured posts are shown to the blog readers to stay connected with the blog and subscription box is also shown in the sidebar so that readers can get updates of new posts in their email box first.

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Benefits of Blog : -

Having a blog is only beneficial for individual or business for their presence on the internet and sharing knowledge in a modern way. Every blogger has their passion for blogging.

A blog is an alternative to keeping a journal or diary to share images, videos, articles with the world. Blog helps bloggers to show their creativity with readers.

I am sharing some benefits of having a blog and blogging.

.Create a presence on the internet to get recognition.
.Best way to share your creativity and ideas with wide audience.
.Blog helps making money with showing skills, talents, and ideas.
.Blog helps individual to share images, videos with their followers.
.Businesses use blog websites to provide information to get more customers.
.Some donation and charity (NPO) websites use blog to help needy.

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Thanks for Reading my post what is blog 🙂

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