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[Sticky] What are some tips to Start a Blog ?


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Can you answer What are some tips to Start a Blog ?

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Here are some useful tips to start a Blog 

  1. Find an appropriate domain name and register it. 
  2. Pick a blog platform. 
  3. Sign up for a blog hosting account.
  4. Install Wordpress and set the theme.
  5. Install WordPress plugins.
  6. Customize your site.
  7. Write and publish your blog. 

Nowadays everybody knows a lot of list building techniques is very important. However, it’s not always easy to build a huge database of people’s e-mail addresses. Internet users are now very well well-known with spam. They don’t want to receive spam emails in their inbox.

Here are 10 unique ways to increase your list of subscribers.

1) Free Membership Sites:

Most of the online users are interested to join free kinds of stuff. Free word is enough to take traffic to your website.

2) Blog or Article Writing:

Blog or Article writing is an effective way to list building technique because it gives information about what you can do and what you will offer them.

3) Free E-book:

Free e-books are the way to an Internet user’s heart. Like I said before, people will chew on anything that is labeled free. Just make sure you choose an e-book which is unique and interesting enough.

4) Special Giveaways:

Aside from free e-books, you can also give away free novelty items. You’re the one who knows your target customers.

5) Contests:

Issuing contests is a fantastic way to attract people on your website. Just make sure your prize is attracting enough to get people interact. Just imagine how many e-mail addresses a travel contest gets every day? The kind of contest you want to hold is all up to you.

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Blogger Or WordPress which is best platform?

Whenever someone believe to begin web blogging, the first thing that comes in his mind is That Platform he must opt for establishing and running his blog. Nowadays there are just Two major competitors in the Blogging world, WordPress and Blogger. So Newbie Always think that what if utilize Either WordPress or Blogger. These are much competitive in the world of Bloggers. Both of them have their very own Benefits and Drawbacks from various aspects. Main thing is it's utilized by the majority of popular Blogs, News Channels and Online Journals since it may be used to create and handle both dynamic and static websites easily.

Let me list the benefits and drawbacks of WordPress.


One Click Start: It's Simple to Use and can Create a WordPress Website with single Click Installation wizard.

Themes: You can modify dozens of themes in only click and check out which is best for your Blog in accordance with your needs. WordPress itself comprises tens of tens of tens of thousands of free themes in its Themes Repository, but you might also go with Premium Themes in case you wish to utilize them.

Plugins: You can Install any Plug-in from tens of thousands of Plugin out there In WordPress Plugins Repository and you will find numerous plugins for each task in Repository so you could select the best from these.

Customization: you don't need to Know code for simple modifications, but if you know fundamental languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, you can do many changes or even create your own motif. Complete Control: you've Complete Control over the files of your website, so that you may easily backup or alter host anytime if Needed. More better Search engine optimization Options: There are countless Search engine optimization programs available for Better Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress Website. In order that you ought to be capable to optimize your web site more efficiently. There are various Search engine optimization programs Including Free as well as Premium programs.

Vast Community: WordPress is having Vast Community and tens of thousands of Forums Including Forum to Help WordPress users as soon as possible. Professional Look: WordPress have got more Professional Looking Dashboard and Web site outlook as compared with Blogger.

Comments Section: The Commenting section of WordPress appears more Elegant, Clean and Professional as compared to Blogger. User just have to come enter information like Name, Website, Email and submit comment and Comment is done. No some Mess for signing in to some account to comment like Blogger does.


 Hosting: You need to purchase A Hosting Package for Running a WordPress site, or you may go with and Purchase domain straight from there, but it'll cost you a little extra money.

Backup: you've to take backups Regularly to be sure that your data is secure incase your website is hacked or your Files got deleted accident.

Premium Themes: If you wish To Make your Blog seem more professional, you've to Purchase Premium Themes and programs for that purpose or you know coding you may do that yourself.

Security Threat: WordPress Blog may be easily hacked if you've not done Security measurement with the aid of security programs and some Coding, etc. It Takes Time: As WordPress is a pro Platform, it can take Some time to learn WordPress profoundly and is little difficult to handle a Self Hosted WordPress website for a Newbie.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Blogger

Blogger is a Blogging platform owned by Webs Giant Google.


1. One doesn't require any coding skills to built a basic blog.
2. Hosted for free on Google servers with unlimited bandwidth. (almost 100% up time).
3. Easy to get AdSense approval. Also easy Integration of Codes.
4. One can automatically publishes new content in google plus.
5. You can make your own custom template designs if you need.
6. You can add your own custom domain address.
7. You can be easily link to Google Analytics’ and Webmaster tools for ranking in google.


1. Very Less number of plugins/widgets provided.
2. Bad permalink structure of posts.
3. Blog archive' and 'label' pages are not SEO friendly.
4. Only few blog roles can be assigned as compared to WordPress.