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Nowadays everybody knows a lot of list building techniques is very important. However, it’s not always easy to build a huge database of people’s e-mail addresses. Internet users are now very well well-known with spam. They don’t want to receive spam emails in their inbox.

Here are 10 unique ways to increase your list of subscribers.

1) Free Membership Sites:

Most of the online users are interested to join free kinds of stuff. Free word is enough to take traffic to your website.

2) Blog or Article Writing:

Blog or Article writing is an effective way to list building technique because it gives information about what you can do and what you will offer them.

3) Free E-book:

Free e-books are the way to an Internet user’s heart. Like I said before, people will chew on anything that is labeled free. Just make sure you choose an e-book which is unique and interesting enough.

4) Special Giveaways:

Aside from free e-books, you can also give away free novelty items. You’re the one who knows your target customers.

5) Contests:

Issuing contests is a fantastic way to attract people on your website. Just make sure your prize is attracting enough to get people interact. Just imagine how many e-mail addresses a travel contest gets every day? The kind of contest you want to hold is all up to you.

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