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Important Things You Need To Know About Grading Plan


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Are you well versed with the building permits and the procedure for attaining it? Here in this article you will get to know why building permit is essential in Vaughan, Toronto, Richmond Hill and why is it relevant concerning lot grading in Vaughan. You will also get an idea about lot grading plans in Vaughan”.


It is a common fact that heavy precipitation, runoff, and melting snow may cause flooding and pose a threat to residential and commercial properties. If you do not take proper precautions, you are likely to encounter severe problems, your residential and commercial buildings can be at risk. That is why Grading Plan Vaughan is necessary. As it is said ‘precaution is better than cure’, it is always good to be ready for the unexpected.

Lot Grading Toronto for residential properties

Before starting the lot grading procedure, you need to get Building Permit Richmond Hill. Without proper permission, you cannot begin your grading process. Residential Grading Plan Vaughan is all about shaping the land in a better way free from undulations so that rainwater and surface runoff and pass effectively to the stream without accumulating on the ground surface. Also, the sole purpose of this process is carrying away the surface drainage from the buildings to the city right-of-way.

Grading for commercial and multi-family complexes

Lot grading for commercial places is related to residential areas. But, the only thing it highlights the difference if Building permit. Building Permit in Richmond Hill is necessary for carrying out the process and here it requires a little effort from the planner's side as it is a commercial place which remains busy with people all the time.

As people continuously move in and move out of various places in commercial areas, carrying out the grading work can impose problems for them as it will take some time and block some portion of the land. This is the reason why Building Permit Toronto can be slightly tricky to get.

Lot grading for commercial properties is shaping the land in such a way that drainage can pass effectively through the drains from the catchment area to the water surface.

Lot grading plans

Lot grading plans indicate design elevations, lot types, surface gradients, swale locations, and other detailed information that one may need for lot grading process. This particular plan sets up a grading connection between nearby properties, and its authorization is an efficient basis for surface drainage control.

Lot grading authorization process

Lot development includes buildings, concrete driveways, and walkways. The termination of these is mandatory to get permission easily. There are two distinct stages of grading approval. The builder is always responsible for rough grading. On the other hand, the owner is responsible for the final grade.

Minimum Grade for foundation walls

A sloping surface is mandatory for draining water off the surface efficiently and effectively from the foundation walls, areas under decks and steps. These are the specifications for minimum grade requirements:

* 10% for 2 meters – At Least 20 cm slide for the soft exterior/lawn.

* At least 15 cm slide for a side lot less than 1.5 meters for both smooth and hard exterior grading/ lawn.

* 75% for solid exterior or other impenetrable surface treatment contributed a least of 15 cm slip occurs between the structure and a sewerage swale.

Author Bio: Tiffany has been writing about Building Permit, Lot Grading Toronto for a long time now, and her blogs throw light on the lot grading and building permit procedure. So keep reading her articles and get all the details for attaining building permits, grading plan in Vaughan & Richmond Hill.