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The Importance of Electricians


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By the nature of their work, electricians have all been regarded as one of the most important tradesmen in the world. With electric power running practically everything in the planet today, the electrician Brisbane is rightly in the front and center of things today.

There have been several power sources (wind, sun, water, nuclear power) today that had been discovered and are now used to power up our society in industries, commerce, communications and other applications. However, these power sources work only when their energies are converted to electricity.


By modern standards, the electrician’s basic designation is that of a tradesman whose work is vital to everything around him. Today, he becomes more important for the simple reason that electricity is the main power that runs practically everything that man does.


The electrician’s duties cover the whole range of his trade all the way from design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. All of these are related to the electrical wiring system.

Much of the bulk of an electrician’s work begins in residential homes, and moving into the commercial and industrial complexes. Finally, it moves its way to machines and other large pieces of equipment, still related to electricity from production, use, and maintenance.

Electricians work in either the inside structures in the industry or are working at present outside of these places, installing power and equipment in the all-important outdoor electrical system.

They are responsible for the use of lights, television, industrial equipment, appliances and many other electrical fixtures everywhere that are now all familiar to everyone.


Work types


Depending on their specialties, electricians work either indoors or outdoors (called inside linemen, or outside linemen) professionally. These places are the natural concentrations of typical and practicing electrician.


Electrician work is labor-intensive. Sometimes they require manual manipulation of electrical wiring, cabling conduit and sometimes even telephone wires. 


Inside linemen


These are the electricians whose work fall into the inside wiremen category. The main focus of their jobs is concentrated or is focused almost solely on the wiring of a building.


The structures here are newly built houses, aged and old buildings erected long ago and need to be rewired or another aging building that is being re-purposed for new use.


Outside linemen


In contrast, the outside lineman works outdoors most of the time. These electricians have to have some moderate amount of physical fitness because they have to do some physical climbing (power lines poles / telephone poles) and some lifting of equipment. (Today’s lift buckets bring linemen to work in high places like poles).


These electricians sometimes are caught in sudden changes of weather conditions but they have to work even in inclement weather. Most of these are related to power outages in homes, business areas, and other structures.


On exceptional cases, they are also tasked to trim trees. These are the times when tree branches pose danger to electric lines and wires. 


Other categories


In some big areas, they have subcategories and they classify the electricians working there. These are the service electrician that specializes in troubleshooting wiring problems and doing repairs on the side.


Another grouping is called the construction electricians. Typically, their work is laying the wiring of new buildings and no maintenance work. The other types of electricians also specialize in areas like marine, air, research and hospital-specific applications.


These days, there are now many competent electricians who are capable and adept in either working indoors or outdoors, depending on the need.


There are also electricians who work under independent contractors. Their work schedules varies during the week.


Finally, there is the maintenance electrician who works a standard 40-hour week and some work on an on-call basis. They sometimes commit to overtime hours or can work on night shifts. Mostly, they do routine maintenance work.




These unique persons are trained thoroughly in their apprenticeship years to get and practice their most important qualities.


These tradesmen, unique as they are in the world, are trained thoroughly in their apprenticeship years to get and hone their most important qualities needed in the profession.  


The main reason for this is because their job caters to one of the most delicate jobs in the world which can turn fatally dangerous. The qualities they must now possess after their on-the-job training or had developed during the years of apprenticeship are very important.


Work ethic


The following are some of the more crucial qualities electrician must cultivate in themselves to stay on top of their line of work, accident-less and being always alert and doing perfect tasks.


The main reason is that in their profession, a simple slip or mistake might end up your life. This is because it could be fatal should they do less than perfect work, or perhaps doing shabby work, or maybe going plain lazy in their duties.


These attitudes can result in uncalled-for accidents and fatal consequences.




The troubleshooting skills of an electrician are some of their most important qualities. In training, they are prepared for the circumstances that can happen should there be swome snags and problems in their work.


They are trained to find, diagnose and repair the discovered problems in the course of their duties. If a motor stops, for instance, they have to perform tests first to determine the cause of the motor’s failure to work.


They are also trained to quickly decide on how to solve routine problems, including finding replacements if nothing else works.




Like most profession, electricians are trained to work with people. There are skills that are needed by electricians to convince people (clients, customers, and bosses) on the right essentials of the work and the need to achieve them.


Interaction with people in an electrician’s work is inevitable. This is why they are trained to be friendly, non-confrontational, and should be able to address questions from the perspective of common people and customers.


Physical stamina


An electrician’s work is labotr-intensive sometimes. They move round while running wire and connecting fixtures to the wires. With a work load that can be heavy and full, they would need some physical reserves.


There is also the need to have some physical strength more than the average guy. Sometimes, they need to be strong enough to move some heavier-than-usual machines and components.


Excellent vision


Electricians must have the ability to differentiate colors. Discerning and differentiating colors under native natural light and even in artificial light is very important since today’s wires are all color-coded.


Electricians must be able to identify electrical wires that are color-coded by manufacturers to avoid accidents and mistakes (which can also be fatal).