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Beat The Heat With Hindware Air Cooler This Summer


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To make the summer easy, air cooler has become an inevitable part of every Indian household. Although, there are people who don’t like this cooling machine due to different hassles associated with it. You have to fill up water on time, change the grass pad and many others. Moreover, the huge and bulky look does not fit with the interior of the house.

All of these complaints of the air cooler owners are heard by Hindware and finally, they have launched the best air cooler in India under their brand name. The classy, sleek and elegant coolers will complement your room and make it comfortable enough to beat the heat of Indian summer. They have a wide range of variety like desert coolers, personal coolers, tower coolers, window coolers and mini coolers perfectly suitable for the different requirements of Indian household.

Why you should buy the Best Air Cooler in India launched by the Hindware?

Ensure High-Quality Air Delivery:

The range of Snowcrest coolers effectively deliver air to each and every corner of the room. Enabled with special high air delivery technique along with sturdy motor and robust fan, this cooler can provide great performance in every single time. It has been designed in the way to have the widest coverage area to get uniform cooling in every corner of the room.

Changing Color Panels:

This is the time to change the boring look of the air cooler and set for some colorful options with the best air cooler in India of Hindware. The Snowcrest coolers (both desert and personal) come with changeable color panels. Now it’s time to change the color according to the aesthetic of the room. You can select the most suitable color from the palette that offers ruby red, ice grey and premium purple. 

Top Cover With Anti Skid:

This feature of the Hindware Air Cooler is specially designed for the Indian consumer only. The anti-skid top cover helps to place things like phones and keeps them safe from falling.

Auto Fill Tank:

One of the main hassles faced by the air cooler owner is filling with water from time to time. Hindware Snowcrest has become the best air cooler in India simply by solving this problem. The auto-filled tank will ensure water supply just after it hits the low level of the tank. It also helps to retain the life of motor that will not operate without water anymore.       

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