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Essential Tips to Consider in Buying a Dog Bowl


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Are you interested in buying a dog bowl? If yes, you may be tempted to just to grab one that is cute. But, don’t do it that fast. Remember that the food of your Australia dog water bowl is an essential part of its health. For one, these bowls will get in contact with your dog’s mouth all day. This is true as it eats its meals and drinks its water. So, it is essential to follow these tips below when buying a dog bowl in Australia.


Your ultimate concern is the safety of your dog. If the bowl to buy is not safe, it’s not worth buying. Be wary as some bowls are easy when destroyed. The ones manufactured using plastic material can easily be chewed for teething and young pups. And if it swallows chunks, it could result in more stomach issues. If it also houses bacteria since it is easy and porous when scratched, it can only pose for more unhealthy bacteria. Don’t choose a dog bowl that is also difficult to clean. Nonetheless, think about the dog bowl too as some have BPA content which is linked to health problems. The stoneware or ceramic bowl can contain lead while the stainless steel bowl can contain radioactive materials. Avoid these issues as you check the bowl certification under FDA.

Pet Bowl


Evaluate first if your dog is small, medium, and large in fur. The size will influence the bowl that you will buy now. But remember that all bowls should meet the food requirements of breeds. The Great Danes and Mature German Shepherd are known for their differing food requirements. The Great Dane is satisfied with four serving for every cup depending on the age. The German Shepherd is also likewise suitable for 2 to 3 services every cup. Thus, obtain a bowl that best accommodates food amounts. Small dogs also eat small food quantities than large and medium dogs. Thus, they need in particular a small-sized dog bowl. A stainless-steel or ceramic bowl works suitably for small dogs.

Eating Habit

Dogs are known as fast, messy, and slow eaters. It’s good if you have a dog that is a slow eater. For one, it can just use an ordinary dog bowl. The issue is if your dog is a messy and fast eater. A fast eater devours food while it gushes right through its esophagus. Thus, it leads more to digestion and bloating issues. Invest in a dog bowl that slowly feeds your dog reducing its eating speed.

For an aggressive eater, purchase a stainless-steel or ceramic dog bowl as it loves to chew up a plastic dog bowl. Moreover, a messy eater can be so annoying that you need to clean it every time feeding your dog. It will make noises while it knocks on the stainless steel bowl. If it’s tiring you already, but instead a no-spill proof dog bowl.


Location of Eating

It’s when you often stay with your dog inside. So, purchase a dog bowl that suits best its needs. If it drinks and dines outdoors, a durable bowl is a better option to withstand damaging weather conditions. That’s when you choose a stainless-steel bowl that works well. This is great for great rust resistance.

Face Structure

This may sound weird but you have to consider the shape of your dog, too. The dog may have a flat face such as French, English Bulldogs and pugs. Or, it could have a face pointed the same as the Grey Hounds, Dachshunds, Beagle, and more. If you own a French Bull Dog and a German shepherd, it is comfortable as it eats on a normal dog bowl. But then, the Bull Dog is better if it eats in a tilted dog bowl.

Ear Size

Dogs have large, medium, and short ears. But, they deserve any of the suitable bowls. If you will purchase an ordinary bowl for your dog with long ears same as labs, hounds, cocker, and beagles, it can feel awful each time it gets near its ears in the food. So, help those breeds to protect their ears against possible diseases such as Aural Hematoma.

For dogs with long ears, it’s best to give them slim bowls to push their ears away from the food. An ordinary bowl is also great for a dog with a medium and short-size ear.

Daily Schedule

Maybe you are traveling somewhere but you don’t like hiring a dog sitter. Now, who do you think will take good care of your mutt when you are away? That is when an automatic dog bowl in Australia is a great choice. This is like an automatic feeder wherein you can set its instructions manually and use pre-installed settings. If it comes time to feed these dogs, the feeder will automatically release water or food for your dog. Plus, you could sync the settings with an application releasing the food with just a click. All in all, the automatic dog bowl is suitable comes busy days. But even if it is a great choice, it’s preferable to feed the dog and monitor it. This way, it won’t develop weight problems.


Know how long the dog bowl could last. If it will easily be destroyed, it could put your dog at risk as it swallows a piece of it. If it is manufactured using a rugged material similar to a stainless steel, it’s when you can rest easy. But most dogs such as the Great Danes find it difficult chewing with stainless steel dog bowls.

Ease of Cleaning

The dog bowl in Australia to buy should be easy when you clean it since microscopic microorganisms may hand it out in there too. A dirty dog bowl may serve as the potential ground for germs, bacteria, mold, and yeast. Clean instead the food bowl with mild soap and warm water. Wash the water bowl every after several days. Minimize hassle with the best design that is easy when cleaned. Buy some bowls in sets so you can rotate them out.

So, follow these essential tips when buying a dog bowl in Australia!