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Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android is a fun tense little game. Unfortunately Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android too little of a game; as it is over by the time it feels like it really gets started. If there was more to do even if it meant repeating maps, would go a long way. Also, a mechanic that you could distract the alien from the crew would be nice--even if that meant putting Amanda in danger. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it feels like only a taste of what the game could be with Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android.

Really enjoying this game, however, a few things that I think would make Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android better. If you don't have access to headphones if say, you're having a quick shot, it's very difficult to know which way the alien is coming from when you have two vent ducts in your player's room, even with a phone with stereo speakers (Razer Phone). Also please add an option to make the look sensitivity a lot higher. I find it hard to quickly look left and right to see where the Alien is coming from.

I love the graphics and the feeling of urgency to help the others while watching out for Amanda. the controls are my only complaint but I'm sure I'll get used to Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android over time. my fingers are a little too big for the buttons on this phone. I do enjoy the game though!

Only thing I don't like is the weird sad oldies background music upon starting the level. I feel like it doesn't fit on a horror thrilling game like this.

Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android good except for the fact that the blackout mechanic is totally and ridiculously stupid. Considering you can't distract the alien Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android makes you waste minutes trying to keep the people alive. And hurry up really means speed walk. if you have a minute left and the people are a room away from this end...

Here you can Alien: Blackout mod APK for Android

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