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Amazon Account Suspension Appeal, Plan of Action to get your Seller Account Reinstated


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The seller account suspension on Amazon doesn’t mean a full stop for a seller as the appeal process is still left and if that’s done rightly nothing can stop him from selling again on the biggest online marketplace of the world. Many of the sellers take this suspension as the death blow for their account but it isn’t like that as it’s merely the suspension, not the account termination or blocking. Just to let you know, the account suspension is something that most primarily lasts for 7 days or 30 days with the reinstatement of account subject to the appeal made in this regard.

In the worst scenarios, Amazon Account Suspension can last for an indefinite period, leaving the seller into the lurches. But when we talk about the seller account banning, it generally refers to the permanently depriving of the selling privileges on this marketplace.

Amazon closed my Account can I open a new one?

The first thing that would have clicked in the disastrous seller mind is to open up a new seller account rather than appealing and making a plea with Amazon authorities regarding the previous one. So, for all those minds thinking that opening a new seller account would actually work in these circumstances, we are really sorry over that as Amazon is quite rigid about one account per seller policy. And those who think they have out-thought Amazon with making yet another seller account needs to know that Amazon will catch them up any sooner and this time it won't be only the Amazon Account Suspension, as it will lead to the worst, permanent account blocking.

Amazon Account Suspended Hoax

Waking up with a nightmare might still be alright but opening eyes to see an e-mail from Amazon regarding account suspension is most dreadful of things that can happen. But once when you receive such type of e-mail you’re supposed to login and re-check the status of your account as nowadays it’s a hoax done by the hackers who ask for your account details in the next step, which many of the sellers tell as it is thinking that it is actually Amazon representative asking it.  You need to beware of all such hoaxes and fake e-mails as they can cost you your account and the hard-earned money as well.

How to Appeal Amazon Suspension?

After your account suspension, appealing for it is the only option to reinstate your account and if that’s done timely and effectively as well, you can get your hands back on the seller account even before the due date for account suspension. An effective Amazon Account Suspension Appeal means it is precise and offers the valid Plan of Action (PoA).

Suspended Amazon Seller Account Reinstated

If your first appeal is good enough to woo Amazon, you’re sure to receive the e-mail regarding the account reinstatement in the first place and go with the selling privileges like before.

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