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Watches are an important part of clothing. There are many different models and brands of watches on the market. Cartier brand, It is one of the prominent brands in luxury watches. The products of the brand, which includes stylish and luxurious watches, are water resistant.

The water-resistant feature of the wristwatch is very important. Watches that come into contact with water may break when hands are washed. However, water-resistant watches will not deteriorate if they come into contact with water in any way. The watches of the Cartier brand are water resistant.


All watch models offered for sale in the Entropia store are original and are under the guarantee of Entropia beyond their own warranty. It should be noted that the store, where you can safely own these luxury watches, which is the first choice of anyone who cares about their elegance, also hosts many artists. As it can be understood from here, it is very important for Entropia, which is a company that attaches great importance to quality and art, to offer models that appeal to the tastes of its customers. Cartier watches with 18K gold plated and it is offered to customers in gold, rose gold, silver and silver gold color options. These watches, which you can find on the Entropia site, are shipped within 2-7 working days. The product is still under the guarantee of Entropia until it reaches you. In this way, it is ensured that your product reaches your hands intact.

These watches, which have a diamond bezel, are highly preferred among luxury watches. Prices of watches vary according to their colors. With their blue hands, the watches reveal their differences in aesthetics. Moreover, the warranty period of the watches is also quite long. With their quality designs, these watches leave their mark on the last period.