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What is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?


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QuickBooks Database Server Manager plays an important role by creating network data files, files with extension .nd, for any company files that are located on the host computer. Also, QuickBooks Database Server Manager Update keep track of the local hard drives and configure new company files.

How to install Quick

Steps to install QB Database Server Manager

  • Search for the QuickBooks Installer to launch installation wizard. You have to select Yes, if there is an active internet connection, else press NO.
  • Now, accept the terms and choose NEXT.
  • Choose Custom & Network.
  • Choose the type of Installation.
  • Press Yes.
  • Click on positive options and set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager option.


Steps to set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

You will be able to monitor and scan the QuickBooks company file by using QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Follow the steps written below to set up the database server manager.

  • Firstly, you need to open the QuickBooks Server Manager.
  • Choose the Scan Folder.
  • You can scan the entire disk when the company file gets uncertain.
  • Click on Scan to launch all the files on server.
  • Lastly, you can run the QuickBooks Database manager in Hosting files. Use the service administration tool to create QuickBooksDBXX.


We hope that you did not find any difficulty in setting up & installing the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you want to know the steps to update QB Database Server Manager, then immediately dial our QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number 1-888-412-7842 for instant assistance. 

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